Life Imitates Art: Lessons


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You’ve heard the old saying “All I Need To Know I Learned From…”‘. I’m not the first to have noticed and implemented things from films and tv.

Doug-It’s All Been Done Before. In the episode of “Doug En Vogue” Doug is accused of copying his own clothing style. This leads him on a journey for a “totally original look”. This is when we learn that nothing is completely original anymore. You can adapt or fuse new styles of whatever-clothing, music, writing-together but it still won’t be completely new. When you have writer’s (or any other kind of) block you may remember this and stop beating yourself up.

Untamed Heart-Marisa Tomei’s character teaches us that if you spray the perfume then walk into it, you will smell good but not overpowering.

Trainspotting-Drugs are bad, mmkay.

Raiders of the Lost Ark-Why fight someone when you can just shoot them?

A Clockwork Orange-People never really change.

The Big Lebowski-Most things are easier to handle with a “beverage”.

Showgirls-Life is nothing if you don’t have a dream.

To Die For-“What’s the point of doing anything worthwhile if there’s nobody watching?”

Tomcats-Men will do some stupid shit for pussy.

Eurotrip-Yeah, we’re all gonna give up drinking tomorrow.

Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead-Lying your way into a job is possible. You can get rid of a dead body if you pay off the flunkies who work at the funeral home.

Superbad-If something embarrassing happens to you, use as a funny self depracating story to get everyone’s attention.

Striptease-People in the sex industry are usually looked down upon by “regular folks”.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure-History is hard to remember.

Will & Grace- You can’t make a gay man straight.

In Her Shoes-Sisters can be total bitches.

Gossip Girl-High school is completely superficial.

The Office-Just because someone is your boss doesn’t make them smarter than you, or a monkey.

The Devil’s Rejects-Everyone likes ice cream. Even serial killers.

High Fidelity-Even if a guy is a complete asshole who cheats on you, you’ll still want him if he’s hot and can talk a good line of bullshit.

The Last Seduction-Sex is a tool.

Titanic-If a guy really loves you he will let you live while he drowns.

Velvet Goldmine-Most of us are groupies at heart.

Detroit Rock City-If you win a radio contest don’t hang up before they get your name, address and phone number.

Clueless-If you try to help someone they may overshadow you.

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