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This is another post for The Film Experience’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot series.

First of all I can’t locate the photo I would choose to sum of the flick. For me it would be when she drops the spirit stick. So I suppose one of the adorable, awkward Bradford pics will suffice.

I have an odd history with this movie. When the film was released in 1999 you would have had to make me watch it at gun point. It was a symbol of everything I hated. I.E. the preppy kids who made my life hell. The fact that those same people fawned all over it at school during the first weekend of release just solidified it in my mind.

Probably a year or so later when it was released on Showtime they were having a free preview weekend. Having nothing better to do I thought I’d watch if for a few minutes and then flip it off. The only cast member I knew going in was Kirsten Dunst (whose films I usually enjoyed). In a nutshell she’s a type A cheerleader who teams up with an outsider played by Eliza Dushku. This gives those of us who aren’t in on the cheerleading world a fresh look at it. So I did end up liking the film. It’s cheesy but fun. The most important thing about it to me was the introduction of Jesse Bradford. I still have a killer crush on him. I also loved the spoof of it in one of my favorites, Not Another Teen Movie.

A couple of years later I was hanging out with my niece (as we often did in the summer). She actually invited me to her cheerleading meeting. She never really understood that my valley girl cheerleader impression (perfected as a member of the pep squad in Jr. High, don’t ask) was at her expense so she enjoyed it. I had to choke back the laughs at her meeting. They actually had made and passed out their own spirit sticks. It was too weird and ridiculous. Yes, I did go to a few of her matches & there was skill involved.

Then in 2005 I attended an Angel/Buffy convention. One of the guests was Clare Kramer. I mentioned the spirit stick thing and she seemed amused but not surprised. I think she said something to the effect of a lot of teams doing that. Tres weird.

with Clare Kramer in 2005. She wanted to do the 'Prom Pose'.

So I have owned the DVD for years but haven’t actually watched it in a while. I guess I’m going to have to revisit it to see what I think of it now. Uh, and then watch Swimfan again.


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plan poster 3

4 out of 5 stars
starring J. Lo, Alex O’Loughlin, Eric Christian Olsen, Anthony Anderson and Michaela Watkins.

The Back-Up Plan comes out on Bul-Ray and DVD today. If you have been a loyal reader then you probably know both my initial reaction and how much I love the leading man, Alex O’Loughlin. In case you live under a rock, this is the plot in a nutshell: Aging single woman gets artificially inseminated and then meets the man of her dreams. What will she do?

I thought, here comes an extra cheesy slice of the Jennifer Lopez filmography. I actually enjoy a good (or bad) romantic comedy more than the next person. I did think this sounded quite ridiculous though (like the recently released Jennifer Aniston joke that I’ve been hearing about for 2 years).

The crazy thing was, as quality rom-coms go, this was way up there with The Wedding Planner. It’s actually funny and realistic (as far as something with this premise could be). I was really only hoping for an excuse to ogle Alex O’Loughlin (which I received, in spades), but his character actually had a personality. You know that usually a movie like this has the secondary character be quite bland or perfect, but he was not. Even the potential plot holes were explained (how can she afford that outfit?). BTW-This movie is in love with New York. If you’ve ever been there you may want to go back after viewing it.

There were a few, puhlease, do not go there moments but for the most part I definitely recommend this film.

Verdict: If you like Jennifer Lopez’s romantic comedies Rent/Buy this.

Buy The Back-Up Plan on Blu-ray or DVD

Rent The Back-Up Plan on Netflix

Buy the quintessential J. Lo rom-com The Wedding Planner on DVD


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Well you may have noticed a lack of posts lately due to my blog being taken off line in the Great Blogetery Fiasco of 2010. Supposedly they will be back online on the 8th. I would wait to post again until then but I had to participate in Film Experience’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot Showgirls post. It appears I’m late but oh well. As you know if you read my blog, Showgirls is my favorite movie. I even bought a role in Rena Riffel’s sequel Showgirl. FYI: She has begun filming and has some behind the scenes shots up on Facebook.

“She’s no butterfly. Tony, she’s all pelvic thrust.”



I considered this thrust photo from the rehearsals as my favorite because it shows how hard she is working but I had to go with an ending shot because even after all she goes through she has stars in her eyes. She’s accomplished her showgirl dream and now she’s gonna be a Hollywood star.

BTW-You should definitely read Film Experience regularly. I just discovered it a couple of weeks ago but it’s quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

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