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This is another catch up blog. A few months ago Hollywood Video filed for bankruptcy. While I was there on the last day they were open, snatching up a bunch of Blu-Rays & DVDs for $2 or less a piece, I saw some fliers. The fliers were for an open interview happening the next week for the new Family Video store that was moving into the same building. Of course, I had to go despite my problems. I’ve always wanted to work in a video store.

I chose this outfit because I find that it’s best to go simple but not too dressy for a minimum wage interview. Unfortunately the interview did not go well. I came prepared with my application, to which the woman made a joke about the employees of the former store throwing them all out when I told her it was the last one. I had the standard spiel worked up about how they should hire me because my major fault is that I work to hard, etc. I did forget to mention I live about 3 driving or 20 walking minutes away which may have helped. However you she shot me odd questions like ‘what are you hobbies?’ to which I felt like answering ‘Well between working many hours a day for very little money and sleeping I don’t many’ but instead I was honest which made me sound like a loser. There were other questions I also answered dismally. I never even got a callback. Recently while walking by I spied the manager for the former store working in there which shows me that they probably just rehired most of the staff of the old store. It takes, at most, about 2 people to run this store on a busy night. So I guess it wasn’t all me.

Anyway, afterward I stopped by Taco Bell for one of those Fruitistas to cheer me up but it didn’t totally do the job so I had to take these silly pics for fun.

It also struck me that, duh, I have worked in a video store before, my parent’s. When I was about 13 my parents leased a building downtown that they made a combo hardware/video store. It only lasted a year as we didn’t make much money. This was prior to DVD so it was actually a video store. We stocked the store by buying used videos from someone whose own video store had gone out of business (that’s when I discovered Army of Darkness in a huge box of occult horror flicks), my dad’s movies, my own collection (which I offered because mine were more up to date, but I was worried about people messing them up) and buying a few new at higher prices. The coolest thing was that a lot of people really wanted our opinion on what to rent. I used to keep index cards of the rentals & a list of the highest renting flicks. That list is long gone now but I do remember a few movies that were on it. It was the year of Titanic, so that was #1. We even had 3 copies for rent. That was a lot because we only had 1 of everything else. Number 2 was Shallow Grave and Trainspotting was in the top ten. It was easier to sell people on a thriller than a movie about heroin addicts.

Yes, I was a huge Ewan McGregor addict. I even ran a crappy fansite that somehow got listed in the back of a book. It was pretty cool, an assistant at a publishing company contacted me and sent me free copies of the book to giveaway. Sadly, the author OD’d a few years back.

FYI: The art in the background is by Josh Flood, who is awesome. He appears to have taken his official site down but keep an eye out for his eBay auctions.

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