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So awhile ago I was horny and looking at a bunch of these clips on YouTube and thought it would be a shame not to share. There’s more to it than that though but feel free to skip my life story and just watch the hot guys. I’ve been accused (unfortunately the accurate word because of the place where I live) of being gay multiple times. Things like being a subscriber to Maxim and explaining to someone how the song I Kissed A Girl is appealing because I have are just some of the things that have given people pause. FYI: If I were gay, I’d have a girlfriend not be alone.

Anyway, I’m something else that is probably harder for many people to wrap their heads around. I’m a fag hag. I’m not a cute, cuddly Grace type fag hag. I’m more of a Karen who would egg you on to kiss a guy.

Although I was a fan of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (thanks Dad) and was always fond of things like that it wasn’t until I saw Velvet Goldmine when I was 15 that the light bulb went off. ‘Guys in love and making out are totally hot’. I knew I had to see the movie because it starred two of my crushes, Ewan McGregor and Christian Bale, but I didn’t know that it would be so amazing (and introduce me to tons of artists like David Bowie and Oscar Wilde). I was totally into it. I made all my friends watch it and if they expressed an interest in it I’d buy then a copy for themselves. I had a DVD player but I had to own it on DVD and VHS just in case something happened to one of the copies. I even got into reading the slash fanfic about it. I haven’t read fanfic in years but yes, I did subscribe to some newsgroups, lol.

It wasn’t long before the US version of Queer As Folk came out and I had a new addiction. Yes, an over the top sex filled soap opera about gay guys, fantastic. Luckily my best friend in high school also shared my love of QAF so she and I would discuss the adventures of Brian and Justin together.

Since then I’ve come to love most movies about gay guys or even the occasional inferred but not really there gay moments between characters (man I wish I could find that video of Angel and Lindsay from Season 5 of Angel). Enjoy!

Velvet Goldmine
(where it all began)

Queer As Folk Pilot

The Velocity of Gary
I was a fan of Thomas Jane long before Hung thanks to this flick. This isn’t my favorite kiss (can’t find that one on the net) between he and Vincent D’Onofrio in the flick but it’s still very good.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
I didn’t think Tim Curry was sexy in this but I was always rooting for him.

Party Monster

Awesome movie, the second clip isn’t hot but it really shows you how good the flick is.

Dude Where’s My Car
I saw this at the theater and cheered when they kissed. Yes, I’m a drama queen.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch


Interview With A Vampire

No men (including heterosexual men) could resist Mango the male stripper’s mojo. Mango later said he was married yadda, yadda which was lame.

Total Eclipse

In & Out

Gods And Monsters

The Sum of Us

Original Sin

How I Met Your Mother


Young Americans

Actually a girl, The L Word’s Katherine Moennig, but she’s dressed in drag, so he doesn’t know that.

The Lair
Apparently this is a show about gay vampires! I haven’t seen it yet but I do have it in my Netflix queue.

stars Roswell’s Brendan Fehr

Satan’s Alley-Tropic Thunder

The Reward’s Yours…The Man’s Mine from 1969

I can’t get these to show up here but just click on the URLs to view them.
The Rules of Attraction

My Own Private Idaho

Brokeback Mountain

I Love You, Man

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