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Burlesque is the flashy new musical starring Christina Aguilera as Ali Rose. Ali follows her big dreams from a small town to Los Angeles where she begins working at a theater called The Burlesque Lounge as a waitress. She is dazzled by the shows performed there and decides she will perform on stage one day. During Ali’s time at The Burlesque Lounge she not only becomes a performer but also finds love with bartender Jack, as played by Cam Gigandet. She also has to watch her back around an envious fellow performer. Cher and Stanley Tucci co-star as her mentors, Tess and Sean.

Tess: “What happened to all of the great dancers in L.A.?”
Sean: “They’re all dancing with the stars.”

Tess: “What is she doing up there?”
Sean: “I think she’s auditioning.”

Nikki: “What are you so excited about? She’s your replacement.”

Tess: “When you’re putting on your makeup it’s like you’re an artist but instead of painting a canvas you’re painting your face.”

Tess: “There are going to be all kinds of people, they’ll just want to get close to you because you’re talented.”

Tess: “If you fall off the stage, leg extended, boobs out.”

Sean: “What is Ali short for?”
Ali: “Alice”
Sean: “Alice, well welcome to wonderland.”

Sean: “Alicat you’re up next.”
Ali: “My mother used to call me Alicat.”
Sean: “Did she? That’s so fascinating.”

Sean: “It’s fun being a girl, isn’t it?”

Bonus: Go here to read about the costumes.


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Yes, I recently shared the huge DVD/Blu-ray sale that Amazon was having with you. However since Friday tons of online stores have been having sales that I also wanted to share but I’ve been busy with family and guiding. Luckily a lot of the good sales have spilled over into Cyber Monday. Check them out before they are gone. FYI: My polyvore’s are now interactive so you can click right through to the item.

Many of the Amazon sales have changed or ended but you can still pick up some good Cyber Monday Deals at Amazon They did recently lower the price on the first two seasons of Rules of Engagement, which I highly recommend.

I would also recommend checking out Best Buy for their TV on DVD sales, especially if you missed any of the recent sales at other places. Season 1 of Burn Notice, Dollhouse and Seasons 1 and 2 of How I Met Your Mother are $9.99. They also have Mad Men, which Amazon recently raised, but most of the seasons and formats of it are only available in store.

Now if you like movies you might also like movie swag. I had bought used DVDs & Blu-rays from Hollywood Video site prior to the business folding. This led them to emailing me that their site is now offering other fun movie stuff. Everything is $3 a piece. The catch is that you must spend at least $30 and shop in increments of $30. I don’t think it’s tough to find 10 things on there though. They have items from many movies and appear to have added even more items in the last few days. I plan on picking up some stuff from here for small gifts soon. I don’t know how long everything will be this price but my guess is you still a while to get it on this deal.

Movie Accessories Sale

Movie Accessories Sale by MissEmmaMM on

The Disney Store is currently having a really great $5, $10 or $15 sale. I think this would be a great way to stock up on plushes and other fun things that kids may like for Christmas. They even have cute items from the new Tangled flick (which I recommend). Plus you can use the promo code CYBER to get 10-25% off your order (depending on how much you spend).

Disney Sale

Disney Sale by MissEmmaMM featuring a disney bag

If you are a big Saw fan, like me, you may be interested to know that the company who sells all of the official Saw wardrobe, props and autographs is having a sale today. Get 35% off with code AMANDA plus free shipping. After the discount that would make an autographed photo of Costas Mandylor about $25 or a Saw 5 poster about $8.

The HBO site is also having a sale with free shipping. They have DVDs, shirts, posters, etc from shows like True Blood. Just be aware that the bottles of True Blood do not qualify for completely free shipping (darn, that’s what I wanted!)

HBO Cyber Monday: 20% off & Free Ship, code CYBER

If you follow me on twitter or just read this blog you probably know that I love Lime Crime and Sugarpill makeup. Well Lime Crime is having a 40% off sale and Sugarpill is 20% off. While Lime Crime does have sales periodically they are rarely this high and this only the 3rd Sugarpill sale they’ve had since they opened at the beginning of the year. So if you want something, I recommend hopping on it. If you buy from Lime Crime I would love if you went through this link or clicked on the banner below as I get a tiny commission. If you can’t afford either of these lines I also recommend elf, which is super cheap, but gives a high color payout. I use their liquid eyeliner constantly.

Cyber Monday Makeup Sale

Cyber Monday Makeup Sale by MissEmmaMM on

Clothes +
I found a few more pretty cool things. The NBC Store currently has the 6th Season of The Office (the last season that was released) for $25. I have been looking for this to complete my collection and this is the cheapest it has been anywhere (I know it’s not a $10 or $15 TV sale but I think you need to know).

Haute Look has some cute jackets and coats on sale today including these fab picks from Dereon (Beyonce’s label). Haute Look is a free, invitation only designer clothing outlet site. You can join by clicking here. Beyond the Rack is the same type of site. They have some gorgeous cashmere dresses that would be perfect for Christmas parties on sale now. You can join by going here.

Lowe’s is also having a Cyber Monday sale which includes cheap small appliances. I stacked this deal with one of those $10 coupons they sent out during their recent Facebook promotion and got a great price on a Christmas gift.

The Jessica Simpson shoes shown below (so cute) are also on sale right now plus you can get $50 off a pair of boots on her site right now with the code 50BOOT. (who recently gave away 20,000 free pairs of glasses via Facebook) is having a buy get one free sale on eyeglasses with the code THANKSBOGO.

Lady Gaga’s Store is also having the following pretty cool sale today.

Happy Shopping!


Happy Thanksgiving!


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I’ve always felt weird about the origins of Thanksgiving since my father’s side of the family is part Indian. Plus I don’t cook. Usually the day goes something like this: my sister and I make some sides, we watch part of a parade or the dog competition while my mom continues making enough food for 400 people even though there are usually only a few of us, we get hungry but can’t eat because it’s not ready so we end up watching that hot dog special that for some reason PBS airs on Thanksgiving, we want hot dogs but don’t eat any (except my dad, who sneaks one) and then we sit down to dinner and everyone stares at me because I won’t say grace. I know it is far from thrilling. (It was also an intentional run on sentence). So instead of worrying about that get your laughs with some clips below, because you know, I love TV.

Watch ThanksKilling on Netflix Streaming. (No, I haven’t watched it but it sounds laughably horrible).


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This Friday is Black Friday, which is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. However you may not know that Amazon offers a whole week of Black Friday sales leading up to that day. Of course what I care about are the movie sales. You can go here Black Friday DVD & Blu-ray Deals to see all of the movie and TV deals or go to their Lightning Deals page for deals that are only available for a few hours. I thought I would share my picks with you. I really don’t have the patience to link to every title so I decided to place them in a widget instead. Check it out below. Of course my top pick is my favorite movie, Showgirls, for $7.99 on Blu-ray!


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Since my original post, Awesome Hot Tub Time Machine Quotes, is popular and I caught some more hilarious quotes while watching the flick for the 2nd time after it’s DVD release I decided to share some more. Enjoy!

Lou: “I want the girl in the picture too. No tom foolery.”

Jacob: “A taxidermist is stuffing my mother.”-Jacob

Lou: “Fuckin Jacob, you suck and you know it.”

Lou: “Let’s get some cocaine and break into a school or uh steal a cop car or some shit.”

Jacob: “If he kills himself can we go home?”

Lou: “I feel fantastic, I wanna fuck something!”

“He’s got both arms.”
“Get him!”

Jacob: “Who are you, Hunter S. Thompson?”
Adam: “I thought I was.”

Adam: “Now I’m back in the fuckin’ 80’s and I hate this decade”

Lou: “That’s right, you got up on stage and were wildly mediocre.”

“Hey, what’s an email?”
Nick: “That’s not the point.”

Lou: “I love your coat, I don’t give a shit about animals either.”

Nick: “I don’t like you taking liberties with my dick.”

Lou: “We have a lot in common. We both love tits and Motley Crue.”

Lou: “Hey John Lennon gets shot. Wait, did that already happen?”

Jacob: “Wrong number, but you were a bad girl and you hurt him.”

Adam: “Were you just yelling at your 9 year old wife?”
Nick: “Yes”

Jacob: “I’m gonna tell everybody in prison that I traveled back in time to kill my own father.”

Jacob: “Nobody fucks my mother in the past!”

Nick: “This better be the last time my ass travels through time.”

Jacob: “I bet he’s on the Statue of Liberty and shit too.”

Kelly: “Is there alcohol in that?”
Jacob: “Yeah, I believe there’s still alcohol in Scotch.”

BONUS: Follow the cast on twitter!
John Cusack
Craig Robinson
Crispin Glover

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