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Last month I bought a cheap tripod (so cool), headed to what was my favorite cemetery growing up and took some photos for the Pinup Lifestyle’s Dia de los Muertos Contest. Go here to learn more about the holiday. I always thought they were exaggerating during challenges on America’s Next Top Model, but alas they were right, it is more difficult to take photos outside. A lot of my pics were unusable because I was squinting or closing my eyes to avoid the wind. I forgot that they had moved the police station right down the street and worried I’d get in trouble when a cop car drove by but they didn’t stop. I imagined them chuckling and shaking their head. Hey, it’s got to be better than the teens who use the place to drink and then litter there at night, right? I could say that I hadn’t posted this because I was busy and hadn’t yet edited the photos but the truth is that I was bummed at losing another PUL contest. Most of the contests are so creative though that I feel like by not trying I am just hurting myself because I’m missing out on the neat photos I’ll end up with. The winner was this cool pic. Everyone else seemed to focus on close ups of their makeup. Mine was okay, not fantastic, I’m no makeup artist but my favorite pics of mine were not close up so I don’t think they would have had a better shot anyway. My first pic is the one I used as my submission. I’m into slideshows right now but if you want to see the regular, full size photos go here.


My d├ęcolletage isn't that light and my eyes aren't that color. Thanks Picnik for the vampire Halloween effects.

About the Makeup: First I did a Google image search to see what others had done to get ideas. Then I bought a cheap black and white Halloween makeup set, like this. I decided against using the black on my eyes because they are sensitive. I just used my own black eyeshadow by Revlon. It’s like this but it doesn’t have any glitter in it. Then I used a little green eyeshadow plus some awesome yellow Sugarpill Buttercupcake Eyeshadow. There are different ways to do the lips for this. Most people either do the sewn shut look that I went for or the teeth look, which is too complex for me.

Style File

FYI: I got a great deal on this dress. It’s a bubble rose dress by Leola Couture which usually retails for $220 but was $12 at ideeli. I highly recommend going here and signing up for this free, members only, designer sale site.

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El Arbol Muerto

El Arbol Muerto by MissEmmaMM featuring bubble dresses

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