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Since my original post, Awesome Hot Tub Time Machine Quotes, is popular and I caught some more hilarious quotes while watching the flick for the 2nd time after it’s DVD release I decided to share some more. Enjoy!

Lou: “I want the girl in the picture too. No tom foolery.”

Jacob: “A taxidermist is stuffing my mother.”-Jacob

Lou: “Fuckin Jacob, you suck and you know it.”

Lou: “Let’s get some cocaine and break into a school or uh steal a cop car or some shit.”

Jacob: “If he kills himself can we go home?”

Lou: “I feel fantastic, I wanna fuck something!”

“He’s got both arms.”
“Get him!”

Jacob: “Who are you, Hunter S. Thompson?”
Adam: “I thought I was.”

Adam: “Now I’m back in the fuckin’ 80’s and I hate this decade”

Lou: “That’s right, you got up on stage and were wildly mediocre.”

“Hey, what’s an email?”
Nick: “That’s not the point.”

Lou: “I love your coat, I don’t give a shit about animals either.”

Nick: “I don’t like you taking liberties with my dick.”

Lou: “We have a lot in common. We both love tits and Motley Crue.”

Lou: “Hey John Lennon gets shot. Wait, did that already happen?”

Jacob: “Wrong number, but you were a bad girl and you hurt him.”

Adam: “Were you just yelling at your 9 year old wife?”
Nick: “Yes”

Jacob: “I’m gonna tell everybody in prison that I traveled back in time to kill my own father.”

Jacob: “Nobody fucks my mother in the past!”

Nick: “This better be the last time my ass travels through time.”

Jacob: “I bet he’s on the Statue of Liberty and shit too.”

Kelly: “Is there alcohol in that?”
Jacob: “Yeah, I believe there’s still alcohol in Scotch.”

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John Cusack
Craig Robinson
Crispin Glover

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