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*Don’t Call These Resolutions (I created this in March).

with David Faustino 'Bud Bundy' on Married With Children at the Steel City Con

I never really thought about how many posts I had on this blog until I got up to around 89 when I thought, wow, and was a little impressed with myself. Then a few posts ago I realized that I was almost at 100. What comes after 100? That’s right 101.

Last spring I read about the Day Zero Project in which you complete 101 tasks in 1001 days. At first I dismissed joining. I mean I’m not exactly a normal, healthy member of society. I’ve also come to terms with my failures so I’m not one of those overly optimistic people who have never learned the meaning of ‘insanity’. Then I realized that it would be my list with my own unique, fun, lofty in a manageable way goals. Despite that I still didn’t expect to get many of them done. Of course now that I am finally ready to post and link back to the list the site is down. I don’t know if this is permanent or not but I still want to post this. (It’s back up!) Without further ado are my ‘non goals’ and the where, when, why and how of them.

I am not numbering these but there are less than 101. That is just the max you were allowed to do.

Despite having a nontraditional life I had already done a lot of things that were on other people’s lists like going to Disney World.

This was originally supposed to be completed by November 2012 but that’s not possible.

go horseback riding – I don’t think I’ve ever rode a horse. I have a couple of photos of me on ponies at amusements parks as child but I don’t remember riding them. I have no idea under what circumstances this would actually happen though.

walk a marathon (I don’t run, I’ve had arthritis since I was 14) – I wanted to do this for years. It would most likely be for Breast Cancer.

go to a shooting range – Really been wanting to do this for a while but no one is keen on going with me. They think it’s manly.

go on a cruise – I have talked to a couple of people about this but I’m not sure of any of the specifics. I have looked at cruise lines though. I love the idea of Carnival’s Superstar Live Karaoke in which a full band backs your singing!

get a passport – I definitely need to do this soon so I can do any of the out of country traveling on this list.

attend Mardi Gras

be an extra in a movie

buy a new printer***(finished)

tandem skydive – I’ve been wanting to do this since I was 17.

lose weight*(in progress)

cook once a week***(ongoing)

do yoga at least once a week – I’m just out of the habit. A few years ago I did yoga 5 or 6 times a week. Plus a really nice blogger made me copies of Steve Ross’ Inhale which they don’t air any more and is my program of choice.

go to a jazz club – I’m not even sure that I like jazz but I want to do this.

ride a mechanical bull

wear makeup every day for a week***(finished) – I’ve been through periods in my life where I didn’t wear any makeup due to self esteem but I actually love it. It’s so fun to apply. However if I wear it that much it is not kind on my skin.

take a karate class – I’ve been wanting to do this for years. Unfortunately around here it appears that the only way to learn from the ground up would be with little kids, not happening.

go to another convention***(finished) – I attended a Steel City Con a few months ago which I have yet to blog about. When I wrote this I meant a big con but that was a con so it does count.

Also considering DragonCon in the future.

join the Marine Reserves – ah, the craziest one, but yeah, I’ve been wanting to do this for a couple of years. I wanted to join the army out of high school but didn’t which probably saved my life because it was the year of 9/11 & I probably would have been sent there. Later I decided on the marines. I will probably eventually join some branch but not the navy (I hate submarines!). This is probably out of the question, uh forever, now. xd.

keep doing fun ‘modeling’ photo sets***(ongoing)

buy new cords for my pilates machine

Choke (book) Photo Set

get eye exam, order two boxes of contacts***(finished) + got glasses later from

I need to do this again.

buy a computer or video game***(finished) I bought Sims 3 but barely played it. Sitting at a computer playing a game after working at a computer all day is not exactly relaxing so, eh.

buy scenery exercise DVD for my dad

go to a Model Mayhem meetup

become good friends w/ someone in this town who doesn’t act like everyone in this townlike searching for a unicorn

See SNL live via standby line

buy a Christmas gift for a child from the Xmas tree at the hospital***(finished) I was the beneficiary of this as a child. They don’t do it at the hospital anymore like when I was young, or in department stores like when I was older, it’s all online now. Some people thought I was a little ridiculous for doing this because I don’t make a lot of money but uh, it’s mine to spend how I want. Mind your business. FYI: The current name is called The Salvation Army Angel Giving Tree Online Presented By JC Penney. I chose a 5 year old who likes My Little Pony and Pillow Pets. I got her both of those, clothes and a couple of other things. I hope she liked them.

1 week w/o social media sites

go bowling once a month

have sex w/ a black guy and Jewish guy (can be same guy) – Did you really think this list would be PC? This is not a form of sexual racism but more a way of mixing things up.

attend another all day (or 3 day) music festival

go to Vegas again (do more partying than sightseeing this time) – I finally made it there last year but I kind of always assumed it would be a one time deal (or I’d love it so much I’d want to move there). Neither were true but I do want to go back and go wild.

take a trapeze class – I’ve wanted to do this ever since I saw it on Sex and the City.

take a strip exercise class

ride with someone on their motorcycle

get that piercing I’ve been wanting – *warning* links to nudity, I don’t know when or where I would get this but certainly not in this town. There’s one place to go and they fucked up my belly button piercing years ago so I wouldn’t trust them to pierce my ears.

make Limoncello

go to a NY museum – I haven’t had a chance the other couple of times I visited. I would have loved to go to the King Tut Exhibit but that ends soon.

take a lifeguard class – I’m a great swimmer. People have always told me that I should have done this. I think they actually offered this or an opportunity to use it when I was in high school (we had a pool) but I was too screwed up to fathom it. I’m probably too old now.

buy a dress from Shrinkle and wear it for my birthday – I sort of have already done this years ago but it was a completely style of dress and these are awesome.

go to Universal Studios

go on a Hollywood Movie Home Tour in CA

attend a taping of The Price Is Right or Let’s Make A Deal

see the Craig Ferguson Show live

see David Spade live again but buy the meet and greet this time – yeah, I cheaped out and didn’t pay for the meet & greet but I was already spending a lot (for me) on the Vegas trip itself. It seemed to me the meet and greet was him just very quickly shaking people’s hands (I saw this as I was leaving) so it did seem pretty high but I do love him.

adopt an ex Greyhound racing dog

write reviews for more often*(in progress)

watch all of the released Saw movies back to back.***(finished) – I did this over the summer.

eat at a White Castle

take my mom w/ me to Wheeling.***(finished)

get in a hot tub again

try to be a tea drinker***(finished) – I tried various flavored teas and I just can’t get into it.

hang art and posters I haven’t hung yet***(finished) – You can see the art in this previous Style File.

subscribe to 2-3 magazines on my Amazon Wish List – I already get some magazine subscriptions but the ones on my wishlist are girly which I usually try to avoid.

try NutriSystem for a month

buy a new Gazelle – My treadmill died, then my Gazelle died and now I’m using old stationary bikes.

marathon the Nightmare on Elm Street series

sponsor a Child from Child Fund International – I’ve been wanting to do this for the last year but was worried something would happen and I wouldn’t have the money one month but I’m gonna trounce this fear. Uh, not anytime soon cuz I have less money now.

visit Marseilles, France – I think it’s gorgeous.

buy an electric guitar and teach myself to play

learn to speak better French – I took one course in high school.

learn to make my own wine – I’ve become a fan of wine in the last year. In the past I hated it.

take a trip to Toronto with my sister – They very recently added service from Mega Bus to my state. So now I could go to DC then to Toronto super cheap. I went on a trip with the school band in Junior High but I had the worst parental chaperon and saw nothing.

go vegan/vegetarian***(finished) I kept this up from June or July of 2010 to February of 2011 (vegetarian mostly, I still ate cheese sometimes and I did let myself eat meat one day a month). However this just wasn’t right for me. You may get slightly thinner but it’s not worth missing out on bacon and sausage for, xd.


take a trip out of the country with my dad

working on myself*(in progress)

attend the Masquerade Ball at the Carnival of Venice

Johnny Depp Movie Marathon Tweetathon-details coming soon!

super secret IndieGogo project-next year

write my satire ebook

put together my PDF

MP3 album forthcoming*(in progress)-preliminary researched is finished

Note: Last updated July 2011


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Dress-Ambiance Apparel, thrifted, kitten heels-Fioni, Payless

with my sister and mother

I wore this look on Thanksgiving. There wasn’t much to be said about Thanksgiving but we ate some food. It was my first Thanksgiving as a vegetarian but I never really liked turkey much anyway. I like stuffing and mashed potatoes.

I have been really into vintage dresses lately because I’ve been marathoning Mad Men. I have been buying some vintage dresses on eBay but there is one style referred to as a Lucy Dress that has alluded me because they never end up selling cheaply on there. I bought this at a thrift store. Although I can tell that it’s actually a modern day dress it has that type of style to it. I also tried on a wiggle dress the day I bought this that looked like it was from the ’80s but a throwback to the ’60s but I couldn’t fit my chest into it. It was a bummer. This was also a little tight in the chest so I wore a thin sports bra underneath. My mother was making fun of me when I told her because in the past I have complained about not inheriting her large chest like my sister has. She’s like ‘now you want to go and look smaller’. She doesn’t get my love of fashion. I also found these heels that I had bought a few years ago but had only wore a few times. They were a little loose but I had to wear them. I dyed my hair Manic Panic’s Electric Banana a few days beforehand but it didn’t last long.

The Makeup

About a week before Thanksgiving I had watched A Single Man and fell in love with Julianne Moore’s eye makeup in it. Apparently it’s the same type of style that Twiggy used to wear. You basically just do a nude or white eyelid and then do a cat’s eye eyeliner but also line the crease of the eyelid which looks a bit trippy. I considered making it look even crazier by wearing fake lashes but didn’t want to have to deal with them all day. Then I used my two current favorite pink lipsticks (Rimmel’s Pink Blush and Maybelline’s Colorsensational Pearly Pink). I like to layer them.

Get The Look

Retro Thanksgiving

Retro Thanksgiving by MissEmmaMM featuring swing dresses


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Doug: “I broke the window again”
Doug: “I was like, Emilio!”
Roxbury Bouncer: “You’re brothers?” Doug & Steve: “No. Yes, man!”
Kamehl: “Take you’re dancing monkey brother with you”
Doug: “I think you’re confusing Steve for someone who gives a flying rat’s ass.” Steve: “Flying rat’s ass? That’d be cool to see.”
Doug: “You know why?” Steve: “We’re good looking?” Doug: “We’re very good looking, you especially.”
Doug: “..but you can not take away our dreams.” Steve: “That’s right, cuz, we’re like sleeping when we have them.”
Doug: “He felt it because he’s an actor and he’s very sensitive.”
Steve: “Oh my god Doug, this is the most amazing place I’ve ever been.” Richard Grieco: “Guys, this is the coat room.”
Mr. Zadir: “Did you grab my ass?”
Doug: “The hotties wanna shake it, come on”
Mr. Zadir: “There’s some good ass grabbing going on there”
Cambi: “You mean like nitrous oxide?” Vivica: “Whippets?” Steve: “No, sha, what is that?”
Doug: “Tell your mom that I had a nice time last night!” Steve: “And your dad”
Doug: “And that would be sweet because it would be like dancing on water and people love to do that”
Steve: “That’s an ambulance coming to take me away because the sight of you stopped my heart.”
Cambi: “Hey Doug if I said you had a nice body would you hold it against me?” Doug: “ha, ha, ha, what?”
Doug & Steve: “We got a number!”
Kamehl: “What did you do, injure your delicate fingers in a cellular phone accident?”
Steve: “Nice bulbs Emily and I don’t mean that metaphorically”
Doug: “Yeah, and maybe we should go to college and not put gel in our hair and start wearing blue jeans. Let’s do that Steve.”
Steve: “Did you say something cuz I have problems hearing things from that low to the ground?”
Emily: “You forget, I go to college, translation: drunken orgies with occasional Cliff’s Notes.”
Steve: “And to the other 2 old people, What’s up?. Yeah, you.”
Craig: “I got it, I walk down the aisle, I stand next to you and I get to settle any interwedding skirmishes.” Steve: “No, no, no, no, no, you’re the best man, not the wedding bouncer.”
Steve: (for his wedding vows) “I used to see you outside of my father’s store, and then we went on some dates, and then you let me have sex with you.”
Doug: “Oh my god, is that an outside night club?!” Steve: “No way, that’s your idea.”

If you weren’t in love with Chris Kattan in the 90’s due to the characters that he played on SNL, like I was, then you may have missed A Night At The Roxbury which is so freaking hilarious. It’s about Doug & Steve Butabi, who are just two naive night club frequenting brothers. I’m so happy this came out in the 90’s. It was released at the perfect time. You couldn’t have made it even in the early 2000’s because Will Ferrell’s career blew up and he became a little conceited so I don’t think he would have played the role of Steve because he’s the dumber brother who is usually being coerced to do something by either Doug or Emily. Yes, Kattan is the star, despite Ferrell’s top billing on the IMDB page. Plus it’s got the shiny 90’s clothes, come on, perfect. The film is hilarious and everyone in the cast really gets a chance to bring the laughs.

Bonus: Follow Chris Kattan and Elisa Donovan on twitter.

Must Buys:


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“Dude your ass is tanner than my face.”
“You can’t raise your voice like that when the lion’s here.”
“Aw, my doll’s a whore.”
“That is a great outfit. How much do clothes cost in The Matrix?”
“I don’t know what you are, but I will fuckin’ eat you too…of course she doesn’t have a microwave she’s fuckin a 100”
“crazy orgies…like all week”
“High score, what does that mean? Is it bad? Did I break it?”
“I just don’t like techno” “You would if you had robot ears”
“Really? That was a good idea.” “No it wasn’t. I’m a piece of shit.”
“We do serve shots of wheat grass.” “That’s cool if you want to be sober and vomit.”
“Let’s go make fun of the vegans and their crazy lifestyle. We’re not hurting anyone. Go eat a hamburger and choke on a cow dick!”
“My grandma drank all my pot.”
“I once gave Charlie Chaplin a hand job” “No way, was he silent?”
“You were a dirty old whore.” “What do you mean ‘were’?”
“I’ll smoke it with you bro. We’ll go to the looney bin together. I don’t give a fuck.”
“Don’t judge me monkey.”
“The phone’s for you. I think it’s the devil.”
“Drive monkey, drive!”

Note: I was occupied with something else while rewatching this & jotting these down which is why quotes are not attributed to particular characters.

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