The Sexy Milla Jovovich

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This is the first installment of Sexy Bitches which is the female equivalent of my Steamy Guys category.

I thought of doing this post because I had accumulated these pictures on my computer recently while writing a movie rundown including the last installment of Resident Evil. While I was looking for a photo of Milla one of the gorgeous nudes she had shot 2009 for an issue of the French magazine Purple popped up. It made me curious to look at the rest and it was a real run around situation trying to find the photos. The repressed nature of the US when it comes to artistic but non pornographic nudity is pretty ridiculous. So I thought it would be nice to have them right here where someone could easily find them. Plus I included a few more that are awesome.

I’ve been a big fan of Milla Jovovich for years. When I was young she was a super model but always had something special from the others. I think it was her eyes and that she wasn’t afraid to change her hair that made her seem more exotic. Then it seemed really awesome when she started acting. I thought she was awesome in The Fifth Element and The Messenger. Of course, over the years she’s also had huge success with the amazing Resident Evil franchise. I also like when I catch her intermittently in her turns in independent movies.

I knew she had a band but didn’t know much about it until I was waiting on someone in a nail salon one day and read a great article about her passion for music. Then I caught her giving a live performance over the net that she announced on her twitter. They were great and they even played longer than she had planned. I definitely recommend following her twitter as she seems to post cool on set pics when she is able to do so. This is probably on the smaller movies that won’t get her into any type of trouble because I don’t recall seeing much on the last Resident Evil during filming.

In addition to modeling, acting and singing she also had a pretty cool but now defunct clothing line, Jovovich-Hawk. I look forward to more kick ass action roles, independent dramas and quirky music from her in the future. Months ago I asked her on twitter about her music and this is what she said, so hopefully when she’s not as busy (hmm, lol) she will record some new stuff.


She speaks English, Russian, Serbian and a little French.

She is currently married to Resident Evil director Paul W.S. Anderson. This is her 3rd marriage.

“We’ve got really infantile mentalities on this movie. We’re like, It’s gross, cool! It’s disgusting, print it! You have to think like a 15 year old, wet dress, zombies, guns, cool!” – Milla Jovovich in reference to Resident Evil (from

(On Netflix)
Faces in the Crowd
Return to the Blue Lagoon
Married With Children: Fair Exchange-The episode in which she, as a foreign exchange student tried to take Kelly Bundy’s popularity.



Milla Jovovich’s Official Site

If you want to see more of Milla nude (photos and videos) I recommend joining Mr. Skin. Check out this clip from them for a taste.

Last Updated: November 2011

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