Style File: A 1970’s Xmas


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On Christmas I wore this really cool, very long vintage polyester dress I bought on eBay. It’s from the ’70s & has a really cool ruched chest. As with my last vintage dress it fit well everywhere except my chest, so I had to wear a sports bra again. Since it was so long I paired it with some wedges so it wouldn’t drag on the floor. I also added some cheap costume jewelry, a wooden necklace & plastic bubble bracelet. Plus my sister bought me these really cool elephant earrings because I had told her I rode an elephant earlier in the year. Christmas was pretty nice. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. We just ate, opened presents, sang carols and wore elf hats & reindeer antlers.


vintage 1970's dress-Holly, Division of Gloria Moret of California, eBay, wedges-Colin Stuart, thrifted


my dog with a present from my sister, with my brother

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