Photo Set: Burlesque

So a couple of weeks before the highly anticipated (by me) film Burlesque came out I decided that I had to do a photo set inspired by it. Of course I got sidetracked. I couldn’t just throw something together because I figured that I needed to buy an elaborate bustier and a prop glitter microphone. Then it had been so long that I figured that I would just wait for the DVD release.

However, PinupLifestyle announced that they were having a Burlesque contest so I figured that was just the push I needed to make this thing happen. They finally put the really cute beige French style lingerie I had been lusting after on sale at Target and then I just added some accessories (turns out I already had a suitable microphone). while I was shooting I listened to the Burlesque Soundtrack and Christina Aguilera’s Back to Basics album. I was sad to find that the 2nd disc (my favorite) is now skipping and I need to replace it. First go vote by clicking here or on the first picture shown, it’s my submission photo “Seeking Burlesque”. I like it because it’s a bit of a Nomi Malone face. You can view all of the gorgeous ladies submissions here. Voting is open through January 30th.






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