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I have a penchant for goofy sex comedies so I’m sure that some of you do too. Netflix calls them Late Night Comedies. So in the spirit of my last Netflix Streaming post on horror movies I decided to list some of these fun flicks for you to check out. Simply click on the title of the movie to be whisked away and watch it right now. Ah, the joys of Netflix Streaming, getting it right now.

American Pie Presents: Beta House (2007) (Not Currently Available)

American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile (2006) (Not Currently Available)

American Pie Presents: Band Camp (2005)

Faces You Can Trust

“Gentlemen, it’s Friday afternoon we’ve got a full tank of gas, a quarter ounce of weed, 3 cases of beer, a 10 pound tank of nitrous, we’re under age”-Naked Mile

I was one of those people who initially avoided the American Pie direct to DVD releases like the plague. I had loved the original trilogy (well 2 wasn’t as strong but American Wedding is highly underrated) but I thought these would just be crude and not funny at all. While they definitely have less heart than the originals they are fuckin’ funny. Netflix is definitely the way to catch these. Don’t watch them on Comedy Central, all the crazy shit is edited out. Of course the one unifying character in all of these movies is Eugene Levy as wise old Mr. Noah Levenstein (Jim’s father in the original trilogy) because no one gets more snatch than Eugene Levy. Another common point of interest is that many times the challenge is a drinking contest, which is definitely my favorite type of contest.

The ‘plot’ of Band Camp is that Stifler’s younger brother goes to band camp. Naked Mile is about the black sheep of the Stifler family who just cannot get laid. He and his friends decide to participate in the Naked Mile (which is, of course, a marathon that you run naked). This movie teaches lots of important lessons like that girls really like when guys have permanent raging hard ons. Both Naked Mile and Beta House feature Steve Talley as Dwight Stifler who is really funny. Naked Mile features a frat that is full of really talented, horndogging midgets (sorry PC shit is not applicable to this post) and Beta House features the geek frat.

FYI: The newest film from 2009 is Book of Love which is not available on streaming but probably will be in the future. American Pie Reunion starring the original cast will be released in 2012.
Unrated (all 3 films)

Revenge of the Nerds (1984) (Not Currently Available)

“Are all nerds as good as you?”
“How come?”
“Cause all Jocks ever think about is sports, all we ever think about is sex”
The classic college comedy about a nerd fraternity that goes up against a jock fraternity.
Rated R for adult content, adult language and brief nudity.


Finding Bliss (2009)
This film is a little bit too sweet for the genre but still good. Leelee Sobieski stars as a virgin, wannable filmmaker who can only get work at a porn studio, which she considers beneath her. Of course she falls for a guy. Plus there are a lot of jokes about porn. The film costars Kristen Johnston, Jamie Kennedy, Denise Richards and Matthew Davis.
Rated R-Strong sexual content including graphic dialogue and nudity and language.

I Want Candy (2007)
I probably wouldn’t have given this movie a shot but Carmen Electra has a small role in it. The film is about 2 British film students who think they have talked their way into the movie business only to find out that it’s actually the adult movie business, cripes. It takes 15 or 20 minutes for the film to pick up but then it gets fun.
Rated R-Sexual content and language

The Amateurs (2005)
“For half a dozen guys unloading on you so you look like a melted candle today we will gladly pay you on Tuesday. I don’t know who’s gonna go for that one”

Jeff Bridges is a loser (it’s a movie, so this is entirely possible in this universe) who is broke and feels like a schmuck in front of his son. Obviously the only way to get out of this hole is to get the entire town who is also down on their luck to help him make an amateur porno. Luckily who knows someone who works at a video store (Patrick Fugit, Almost Famous) so this is just a step away from happening. Ted Danson, Tim Blake Nelson, Joe Pantoliano, Lauren Graham and Jeanne Tripplehorn costar.
Rated R-Sexual content and language


A Good Old Fashioned Orgy (2011)

“Commemorative Labor Day orgy t-shirts.”

This movie has only been available to view by the general public for less than a year and I’ve already watched it at least a handful of times. Yes, it’s that good. It’s about a group of old friends who gather yearly for big blowout theme parties. When this years seems that it may be their last they decide to get down with one last over the top bash, an ORGY! This hilarious movie actually takes you through the planning and execution of said orgy. The immensely talented cast includes Jason Sudeikis, Lake Bell, Nick Kroll, Tyler Labine, Martin Starr, Will Forte, Lucy Punch, Lindsay Sloane and Leslie Bibb.
Rated R for pervasive strong sexual content, graphic nudity and language.

The Long Weekend (2005)

Chris Klein and Brendan Fehr star in this comedy about two bros, one a type A workaholic and the other a total DOG.
Rated R for pervasive strong and crude sexual content, gross out humor, language and brief drug use.

The Sweetest Thing (2002)

“Don’t worry about returning the favor. Men don’t really like oral sex…it’s just a bad rumor that was started sometime in the ’50s.”

This is definitely one of my favorite dirty comedies. It stars the awesome trio of Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate and Selma Blair playing besties. Diaz & Applegate are total players until Diaz falls for the totally adorable Thomas Jane at a night club. This sets Diaz and Applegate on a road trip to see if she kinda might ya know like have a crush on him. Awesome, WATCH IT NOW!

Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

“You haven’t spoken to me in, like, four years Jake.”
“Actually, it’s more like six, because the time you’re referring to when we were standing in line at that movie theater, I was actually saying “hey” to the person right behind you.”

This is one of those flicks that I can’t believe some people haven’t seen yet. It’s a spoof of popular ’90s teen sex comedies and John Hughes teen movies. The frickin awesome cast includes Chris Evans, Eric Christian Olsen, Chyler Leigh, Mia Kirshner, Jaime Pressly, Sam Huntington, Samm Levine and Cerina Vincent.
Rated R

Tomcats (2001)

Tomcats is one of my favorite comedies. I’ve watched it about a billion times. Jerry O’Connell is a totally unlucky guy who ends up being hugely in debt to a casino after gambling with his best bud (Horatio Sanz). A crazy bet that all of the friends agreed to years ago, the last single man wins the dough, could bail him out. All he has to do is get Shannon Elizabeth to make Jake Busey (total poon hound) fall for her. Jaime Pressly and Bill Maher costar.
Rated R for strong sexual content including dialogue and language.
Love Stinks (1999)

“You’ve put me off women. I’m gay now. And not just a little gay, full on Liberace gay.”
When a man and woman meet at a friend’s wedding they start dating. It goes well until she tries to force him into marriage. The movie stars French Stewart, Bridgette Wilson, Bill Bellamy, Tyra Banks and Jason Bateman.
Rated R for language and sexual content.

Not Currently Available

Dirty Love (2005) (Not Currently Available)
“You can try a bunch of cheesy lines on my but why bother? What I’m telling you is no matter what you do, you’re gonna get laid.”
“I don’t get it.”

I don’t want to oversell it but this is definitely one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen and you may not have even heard of it. I’ve been a subscriber to Maxim for years so months before the DVD release I kept seeing the full pages ads for this new Jenny McCarthy movie. As a fan of McCarthy I had to check it out. McCarthy is a photographer who breaks up with her narcissistic boyfriend and then tries to get through the breakup. The film was directed, on a low (at times, no) budget, by McCarthy’s then husband John Mallory Asher (Gary on the TV version of Weird Science, the best version!) and written by McCarthy. The craziest thing about this movie is that is has a lot of funny, but similar to real life things in it. Except for the bass, I’m hoping that’s never happened to anyone. The film costars Carmen Electra (hell yes!) and Eddie Kaye Thomas.

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (2009) (Not Currently Available)

As I mentioned in my post My Top Movies of 09 this Jeremy Piven comedy wasn’t as high profile as it should have been. He plays the sort of jerky character he’s perfected on Entourage who specializes in keeping businesses from going under with huge sales extravaganzas, not for philanthropy reasons but for a hefty price. The cast includes Ving Rhames, Craig Robinson, Rob Riggle and Jordana Spiro (My Boys). I would recommend this if you are a fan of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.
Rated R-Sexual content, nudity, pervasive language and some drug material

Still Waiting (2009) (Not Currently Available)

Still Waiting is the hilarious sequel to the flick Waiting. Some minor characters from the first film are back in this one. One really interesting turn was that they took Calvin from the first film (really meek, afraid to pee in public restrooms) and made him into a sleazy douche. the plot is about the competition between Shenaniganz and another restaurant, the Ta-Ta’s Wing Shack.
Rated R for strong crude and sexual content throughout including graphic dialogue, and for language, nudity and drug use.

Sex Drive (2008) (Not Currently Available)
This is one of those loser teen travels cross country to have sex with a girl movies that always includes some laughs. Clark Duke (Hot Tub Time Machine) costars and there is a weird cameo by Seth Green on the joys of Rumspringa.
Unrated-Strong crude and sexual content, nudity, language, some drug and alcohol use

A Dirty Shame (2004) (Not Currently Available)
This is definitely one of the dirtier John Waters movies. It’s about everyone exploring their weird, gross fetishes. It is of course set in Baltimore and has an odd religious element. The film stars Tracey Ullman, Johnny Knoxville, Selma Blair and Chris Isaak.
Rated NC-17-Pervasive sexual content

Freshman Orientation (2004) (Not Currently Available)
This is not what I would call a good movie, even by sex comedy standards. However you get Sam Huntington (Jam in Detroit Rock City, a werewolf on Being Human) being a dick who decides to act gay for a chick. If you are a fan of his you would definitely want to check it out as a guilty pleasure. Plus there are some weird, fun things here, like John Goodman as the owner of a gay bar who shows him the ropes & a gay makeover montage!
Rated R-Strong sexual content, language and some drug use.

Fast Food
(1989) (Not Currently Available)
College kids accidentally invent a sauce for hamburgers that makes everyone who eats it horny & hilarity ensues. Plus you get Jim Varney (Ernest) playing a jerk.
Rated PG-13

Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) (Not Currently Available)

“Come on, do I really gotta to be the asshole that says we got in this thing and went back in time?”
“It must be some kind of hot tub time machine.”

Yes, I’ve mentioned this movie quite often but I just love it so much. It’s about a group of friends who want to relive their youth at a ski resort. A magic hot tub lets them return to the 80s and they decide if they will make the same choices or not. The movie stars John Cusack, Clark Duke, Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry and Crispin Glover. It’s so freaking awesome.
Rated R for adult themes, adult activity, hard language, intense or persistent violence, sexually oriented nudity, and drug abuse.

Sex and Death 101 (2007) (Not Currently Available)

For a sex comedy starring the yummy Simon Baker and Winona Ryder this movie has a really bum rap. I notice people who (most likely) haven’t even watched it going out of their way to insult it. They lump it into Winona Ryder’s recent movies that they call awful (when most, like this, are pretty good, who insults The Ten, really?). Anyway Baker plays a real cad. He gets emailed a list of all of his past and future sexual conquests and now finds getting busy even easier. Of course it can’t all be easily sailing, that’s where the comedy comes in. He also finds out that after he does the last woman on the list he will die.
Rated R for adult themes, adult activity, hard language, intense or persistent violence, sexually oriented nudity and drug abuse.

Wedding Daze (aka The Pleasure of Your Company, The Next Girl I See) (2007) (Not Currently Available)
Jason Biggs plays another in a line of too nice guys (American Pie, Loser, My Best Friend’s Girl) but I think this typecasting is okay because he is adorable and does it so well. He impulsively proposes to a waitress after losing his girlfriend and the waitress actually accepts because she has her own problems that she wants out of. The awesome Isla Fisher plays the girl in question. Of course many hijinx ensue. The film was written and directed by Michael Ian Black. You will never think of a yarmulke the same way again.
Rated R-Sexual content and some language.

Buying the Cow (2002) (Not Currently Available)
“Wow! A dollar! Now I can quit stripping, go back to vet school, and save my sick pony.”

This is definitely an overlooked gem. If you are also a huge fan of Tomcats you will love this too. Jerry O’Connell stars as a guy who is getting the marriage ultimatum, you know, marry me or it’s over. His girlfriend, of course, leaves town for work at this important time so he can have time to run around and figure things out. This includes trying to find someone that he has built up in his mind as “the one”. His guys friends (Bill Bellamy and Ryan Reynolds) offer lots of support at strip clubs (where since it’s a movie, Alyssa Milano works but doesn’t get naked) and the like. This is also a movie in which Ryan Reynolds performs “the tuck”, questions his sexuality and basically makes an ass of himself (it’s glorious).
Rated R-Sexual content, nudity and language.

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