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My sister and I always get together in October to visit Halloween attractions because it’s our favorite holiday. Last October we went to Rich’s Fright Farm the first night she visited and then out to a club (not scary, I know), but then the next day we weren’t quite up for hitting up Kennywood’s Phantom Fright Nights because it was super chilly. So we decided to check out the closest Dave & Buster’s for the 1st time. We had been to one in Baltimore before but not PA. The evening didn’t start out well as I fell outside of the place & tore up my leg a little and then there was a commotion in the kitchen so our dinner took forever (so they comped our appetizers, score) but of course, the games were awesome. My favorite game was this awesome old MoCap Boxing machine. So fun and it said you burned like a billion calories in about 3 minutes. If I had a lot of money I would so buy one for my house. Other games that I loved playing were Resident Evil (they had like 3 versions), water race, skee-ball (where everyone tries to steal your tickets) and basketball. We also enjoyed an alcoholic Snow Cone.

Anama tie dye belt dress-ideeli, chunky mary janes-thrifted, zipper leggings-Kmart, leaf necklace-Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival, Countessa Flourescent lipstick-Lime Crime

I loved this ‘dress’ which was actually more like a tunic (as everyone kept reminding me) that I bought on sale from ideeli (yep, 1 of the many designer sale sites I buy from). Of course because it was short I paired it with some zipper leggings, chunky heels and an awesome handmade blue & purple leaf necklace that I bought at the Renaissance Festival . I was also really into wearing my Countessa Flourescent lipstick from Lime Crime at the time.

because there's no point if you can't pay to jump up & down moronically

Since I loved this game so much I was trying to film my sister playing it but a real douche canoe interrupted me. That’s why it’s so short.

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Date Shot: October 16, 2010

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