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This photo set was shot for the newest Pinup Lifestyle contest, “On The Phone”. Please go here or click on the first image to vote for my submission, “Call Me”. You can view the rest of the lovely entries here. Voting is open through February 27th.

I thought it would be really cute to wear these vintage longline underwear that I bought from Vintage Treasures Girl Boutique on eBay. I love how they were originally white but were dyed hot pink. After a couple of return trips to thrift stores I found an old phone to spray paint pink. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a really old phone but this worked in a pinch. It also wasn’t fully dry so I did get a little paint on myself but I didn’t edit it out of the photos because I thought that it looked kind of cool. You can view all of the full photos in the different photo effects in my Photobucket album.






I played my Best of Britney Spears CD that I made last year while I was posing. I listen to it often, it’s especially great for exercising too. I replicated most of it here except that I also have her song She’ll Never Be Me from her unreleased album Original Doll on my CD. You can find it on torrent sites.

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Call Me

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