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bubble hem dress-Speed Control New York, espadrille


I look mad because she had trouble with my camera phone.


Yes, these pics are super old. They are from last fall but literally the day I went to post them (which was within a week of taking them) it was already frigid outside so I felt stupid about posting them then. Since it’s now finally starting to warm up I figured they would be Spring appropriate.

Last year I saw a trailer for Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts and thought that it looked awesome. I thought it might be the type of inspiring travel film that Under the Tuscan Sun is. Since it was based on a book I ran out and bought the book. However I was not impressed by it. I feel that Elizabeth Gilbert doesn’t really come off as likable or ahem, human, as I’d expected.

Since I’d hyped it in my head I still wanted to go watch the movie even though the book didn’t live up to my expectations. The film is actually very true to the book, which isn’t a good thing to me. Roberts has always seemed to have that closed off thing down so she’s actually perfect to play Gilbert. I was immensely disappointed by the film not showcasing more locations. It was shot on location in Italy but ignored the vistas.

I made a day out of going. I talked my mother into going with me even though she’s not a movie person. I wore a really cute floral, bubble hem dress that I’d bought the week before from Burlington Coat Factory. Plus I figured since it was an eating movie we’d go eat after but the (now defunct) pizza buffet was only open for lunch, so we ate first. That day was the best service we ever got at that place too. Then we watched the flick. Afterward we hit up Burlington Coat Factory. I was hoping to find another really cute dress but none of them really appealed to me even though they were very colorful.

It was a nice day even though the movie wasn’t what I’d hoped for. P.S. My sister loves the film though so I guess it’s up some people’s alleys. Also Under the Tuscan Sun is also based on a book but I haven’t been able to get through it because it is way different from the film.




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