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So I had decided to participate in The Film Experience’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot series again this week because he is doing Beauty & the Beast. I mean who doesn’t love that flick? Then last night I was watching Splash for the first time in over a decade and came up with this post.

Voila! Disney Week is now born. I would also like to make this blog more interactive and encourage anyone reading to post links in the comment section to your own Disney Week posts. I will round them all up in a special post at the end of the week. There are no restrictions or limitations on this. You can do something pertaining to an animated or live action film. Do you have an awesome Disney princess polyvore set, an OOTD post of yourself inspired by a princess, prince, villain or animal sidekick, a story about your family’s trip to a Disney park or a lengthy dissertation style piece on why the films are pro or anti-feminism, etc.? It’s up to you.

So you’re probably thinking, uh Mary, Splash is not a Disney movie. That’s what I thought too until last night. I had decided to watch Splash again due to an odd laserdisc incident. At any rate I had the DVD on last night while I was working. Of course work was slow so I pulled the flick up on Wikipedia effectively getting a crash course in the history of Splash including the fact that The Walt Disney Company produced the film after it was turned down by a bunch of studios. However when Disney saw the implied nudity, heard John Candy’s foul mouthed character and probably noticed all of the referenced knockin boots that the mermaid does with Tom Hanks it was considered inappropriate for a Disney movie. So Disney created Touchstone Films (now Touchstone Pictures) especially to release this movie.

This explains why I was drawn to and confused by Madison (Daryl Hannah)’s clothing in the film. I recognized her dresses as being very similar in style to some that I wore as a young girl. It’s not like I really have an interest in dressing anything like that now but at the time I felt pretty in them.

So in effect Madison was sort of a Disney “princess” style character. Possibly one of the first “fish out of water” characters she didn’t even know what clothing was but luckily she was able to learn about consumerism (and later how to speak English) by watching TV (hey if it’s good enough for Charlize Theron, right?).

When she first ventures out into the world to go shopping she just slips into Tom Hanks’ suit (because they are totally the same size, yall). However she is intercepted at the store by a clerk who tells her that the Annie Hall look is so over but that she can hook Madison up with some killer threads.

Madison is initially drawn to and later sports a shimmery drop waist dress. Unfortunately her first ensemble is more business woman than woman child but we can blame that on the insane clerk who obviously pushed it on her. Never trust someone who is thinner/shorter than you but says that she is too big to pull off the same outfit and then glorifies anorexia.
start it at 5:04

So it occurred to me that the shimmery dress and the print dress were quite adorable and totally made sense character wise. If you had never worn clothing before you would most likely be drawn to girly stuff rather than a Kelly Bundy style. And he is totally smitten by her in this stuff. (Okay this could also be due to all of the sex endorphins).

more info on this original sketch can be found here.

Splash Inspired Part 1

Splash Inspired Part 1 by MissEmmaMM featuring a ruffle dress

Splash Inspired Part 2

Splash Inspired Part 2 by MissEmmaMM featuring a pleated chiffon dress

It struck me as incredibly sweet. I’m sure that if the film was made today by Disney in either live action or animated form her new enchanting dress would reveal a ton of cleavage and/or leg.

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