An Interview With The Mother of Christian Kane’s Alleged Love Child

***UPDATED 4/22/2011***
(I asked Jenny if she had any photos of her and Christian Kane together. She no longer had any of those. However she was able to find the 4th photo down that I have now added. She stated that it is a photo of Christian’s parents with Alissa as a baby. Behind them on the wall there are 2 family photos both of which appear to feature a very young Christian Kane.)

Christian Kane in LA in 2005 by J.N.

Christian Kane in LA in 2005 by J.N.

Alissa Barosh

You can view more photos of her here.

Jennifer Stoker (far right) in her sorority days

Mike and Pamela Short with baby Alissa

(click it to see the full sized photo)


cropped close up

another cropped close up

I’m a huge twitter fanatic and I do check out who people are before I follow them back. Recently after making a Kane comment (while listening to his latest album) I noticed that a woman named Jennifer Ekl Stoker was following me. All of her tweets were dealing with her claim that she has a daughter that was fathered by actor/singer Christian Kane. For some reason no one is taking her seriously or trying to get her story out. I have 2 theories as to why this has been happening.

She is mainly contacting Christian Kane fans whom do not want to hear anything negative about him or it’s because casual movie goers and TV watchers probably do not recognize Christian Kane by name.

Who Is Christian Kane?
Your Crash Course-Christian Kane is currently starring in the successful TNT series Leverage. as Eliot Spencer, nicknamed “The Hitter” because of his martial arts skills. Many fangirls, myself included, have been following Kane’s career since he portrayed Lindsey McDonald on Joss Whedon’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer spin-off, Angel.

Christian Kane is also a country rock singer. You can check out some of his music directly below.

Now that you are up to speed on who that familiar face, Christian Kane is, check out my interview with Jennifer Stoker. (The interview was conducted via email and I have not edited her answers for authenticity.)

Hello Jennifer Stoker,

Are you claiming that your daughter Alissa Haley Barosh’s father is actor/singer Christian Kane?

Yes, Alissa Haley Barosh’s biological father is Christian Kane

How and where did you meet Christian? What was Christian’s name when you met?

Chris and I met at the University of Oklahoma. I was in the sorority Alpha Chi Omega and he was an ATO pledge. We were having one of our sorority philanthropy called “Mr Spring Fling”. Each fraternity selected one of their pledges or members to participate. Each man was to perform a dance that we taught them for the contest. It took a few weeks. I happened to be assigned to the ATO (Chris Short). He came in 2nd I believe.

Did you engage in a long love affair?

It wasn’t Love affair because we were not in love but did see each other occasionally over several months ( and almost an entire summer). honestly a FWB thing.

What caused the two of you to break up? Did Christian leave you while you were pregnant or after you gave birth?

I told him I was pregnant over the summer of 1993. He said he was not ready to be a father and didn’t have “cash” ( a term he used a lot). He didn’t want me to have an abortion,,thank goodness). I never would have agreed to that.

I was forced to move home with my parents and back to Texas and leave the sorority. I was staying in an apt that summer to work with my roomate (rush chairman) on upcoming sorority Rush.

Has he ever met or spoken with his daughter?

He hasn’t ever spoken to Alissa but she would like to meet him

Did he ever make any promises to you regarding marriage or regarding helping you to raise Alissa?

I Never wanted to marry Chris.

Is it true that you were in contact with Christian’s parents in the past? Have they had a relationship with their granddaughter?

His parents, Pamela and Mike Short were contacted by my parents regarding the situation and were made aware. They were (as well as him) sent a birth announcement, several letters (sent via certified mail), pics of Alissa and some phone calls on both ends. I drove to norman Ok when she was a baby to show my sorority sisters my precious daughter and to contact Chris (who was working as a waiter) and show Alissa to his parents. I showed up with Alissa and friends to his restaurant he didn’t” appear” to be happy but he did recognize us. I called him later and asked if he wanted to see her and he said “no, it will be too hard”. I called his mom and she said I was wekcome to come over. I did and even took pics of Alissa with his folks. Pam even kept in contact for several months (but not ver consistantly). She called to make sure we made it back to Houston okay. The last phone conversation we had she said I was looking at the whole situation with “rose-colored glasses” and Chris was going through. A hard time with everything and seeing all pics I sent them. She said they were basically loosing their son and were chosing him over their granddaughter.

Is he listed as the father of Alissa on her birth certificate or did he refuse to sign it?

He wasn’t listed on birth certificate because he wasn’t present at the time of the birth. He did however give me “some” info in regards to his family medical history as well as his ss# before I left Oklahoma. I in return turned that info over to the state, as I was applying for Medicaid
The attorney general opened the case a couple times I believe but because his legal name was Christopher Michael Short and listed at his parents address in Oklahoma it made the process difficult. They wanted us both to appear in Oklahoma for dna test but he was in California and going under the stage name Christian Kane so that trip would have been costly and pointless. Frustrated I gave up for a little while. Then tried contacting his sites and no luck.

If you have talked to him or anyone who represents him does he deny both the fact that he fathered your daughter and that you had a relationship or only that he is the father?

He has never denied that Alissa is his child (not that I have ever heard). I just never really heard anything and figured they were just ignoring me in the hope I would just loose interest or leave the issue alone

What are your intentions? Is your main objective to receive back child support for her, to reunite them, or both?

Intentions are both for the benefits of Alissa.

Is it true that you are currently in talks with Eric Griffin of Brand X Management (who represents Christian Kane) regarding the legalities of this matter?

I emailed Eric and he emailed me back and said that he would forward my info to the “legal authorities”. I should hear something within 3 days of them receiving my contact information. Eric said that he wasn’t the one to talk to basically.

Disclaimer: (AKA-You can’t sue me) What is my opinion? Information that she mentions from Christian’s past (ex. the college that he attended, his birth name) are true. I also think that her daughter does look like him. However I am being neutral here. I am giving her a platform to have her say. I am not siding with anyone. And yes, I’m a Kane fan and have nothing against him.

UPDATE: 09/24/2011

The October 3, 2011 issue of Star Magazine with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds on the cover (“Sandra & Ryan’s Secret…Texas Wedding!“) includes a small blurb mentioning Jennifer Stoker’s story. It’s entitled “Leverage Star Christian Kane’s Secret Love Child” and is on page 34.

FYI-I have been asked for information on what is currently going on with this (May 2014). If you read the story then you will see that the girl is of age as of now. Not only that but this post is functioning like a news article. You would not demand a news outlet go dig up an article from years ago and alter it. Also, this is my personal blog. I post what I want on here. Thank you for reading.

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28 Comments on “An Interview With The Mother of Christian Kane’s Alleged Love Child

  1. This story about Christian Kane’s daughter is in the October 3, 2011, issue of Star magazine.

  2. If anyone hears from Christian Kane, please tell him that I need to talk with him. Its very important. Thank you.

  3. Kane is always very clear about what kind of guy he is. This story proves he is no different than any other boy with big dreams. Some boys knock you up and you marry them only to be brutally disapointed years down the road and even end up raising your children alone anyway. He should, however, do right by this little girl who grew up without a father. He has money she is entitled to becuase she is his daughter. If she is his daughter. It would take nothing for him to prove either way. Being gorgeous does not give you a free pass to be a peice of **it! Stand up Christian, you play you pay, your lucky if she is your daughters mother that she didn’t take you along time ago. Even Steven Tyler took care of his daughter and look where they are today. One day your gonna wish you had her in your life.

  4. I’d just like to say, I know this issue has been exhausted, but if a pregnant woman decides that she doesn’t want a child, she gets to have an abortion, and yeah that’s a debatable moral issue, but she still doesn’t have to look back, she doesn’t get called years later with begging for meetings or money. If what this woman said is true, Chris told her upfront he didn’t want to be a father. They were never married, and she even said they were never in love. He as no obligation to the girl. Its sad that she never had a father, but biology isn’t what makes a father.

    • I agree with that. If Chris says that he doesn’t want to be a father then let him be. He has the right to choose. It’s sad in a way that he had fathered a daughter and not wanting to meet with her and see where it goes on from there. Look, I was put up for adoption and in a way, I know how this girl feels. My birthmother doesn’t want to meet me as I wan to meet her. It’s her lost. Like Chris. If he doesn’t want to meet his daughter then it’s his lost not yours. My heart does goes out towards the daughter, but like everyone else, I don’t have a choice. It’s Chris’s life, don’t anyone elses. Let Chris decide what he wants to do with his life.

      • I mean anyone else’s choice. oops my bad.

    • Amen. When you go into a “situation” like that you kinda know your going to be a single parent (in this case a mother.) Birth control was made for a reason.

  5. first of all when you apply for a state program they ask for info on the father. She says he gave her his SS# she would have added that to the application for child support and out of state or name change or not then the state of texas where she says she lives would have went after him for child support. She said she applied for medicaid trust me the state gets their money no matter what. If she had pursued child support they would have went after him for it they would have court ordered for him to take a dna test in the state of oklahoma or california which ever he was living in at the time and he would have been forced to comply with the court. Secondly it is not difficult to get ahold of Christian Kane if the girl wants to meet her father she is what 18 or 19 now all she has to do is buy a plane ticket to one of his events pay for the ticket to the event and pay for the photo op and see him and speak to him if that is what she wanted. she knows his parents if the girl wanted to see them she would show up on their door step or call not do an interview about it unless she had exhausted these options first. The girl is 18 to old for child support now she’s had 18 years to go through proper channels to have him support his alleged daughter so not really sure I buy the story sorry.

    • i’m just now hearing this story so i’m just checking out all the comments about it. but i do agree with you. i know from personal experience, if she had his ss# and had applied for any state program, then he would have been forced to comply with whatever court order was issued. i’m not sure i buy the story either. from what i know of him and how he is with family and friends, i just can’t see him acting the way she’s described.

      • I can see him acting that way. He was young. His life wasn’t together and suddenly he’s hit with this kind of news. But for those saying, “He didn’t want to be a father…” I will stand by my comment that a man who doesn’t want to be a child will wear a condom.

        If he is the father then he is a horrible person for not doing right by that little girl. However, I am still going to buy his music and see his movies so that is my way of contributing to child support…someday.

  6. So the mother now decides to bring this up in the public arena now he is more famous … funny that.

  7. BS!! Thank God for Pagan – as a paralegal for fourteen years, I had several women attempting to receive State Aid only to discover it wasn’t enough to name a father, a DNA test is required and is done at State expense where the parents are indigent, which should have been the case when applying for aid. A SSN was all that was required for the alleged father to be located and submit to a Court Ordered blood test in his State of residence. Social Services and Support Court don’t let it drop when someone is living at taxpayer expense – this case only falls through the cracks when the Mother withdraws her Petition. Family Court is free in every State, by the way.

  8. I am a female of the last generation to not have contraceptives available so I do not see how a sexually active young woman of the 1990’s would not be self protected and I think it is morally reprehensible to leave something as important as conception up to a 19 year old boy. Everyone knows about teenage guys, especially on college campuses.
    Why is this woman reaching out to people who dont know her but only have an admiration for a talented musician in common? I can only believe she is trying to use his fan base as a place to try and pressure him. Someone commented about Liv Tyler but her mother did not pester Steven. Liv didn’t know about her father until she was 8 years old. If there ever was any kind of arrangement it is between the parent and child, in this case the mother would have no part in it.

  9. Working in the paternity section of a state office, I can tell you that both parents do not have to be in the same state when drawing blood. He was easily available even without a SS number, no matter what name he was using. The DA would know how to have him served for testing at the studio. This was the case in the 80’s and certainly by the time this child was born. The girl does look like him. A simple facebook search shows that the mother had a child with a man named Kyle when Alyssa was about 3. She probably knew Kyle at least a year before that. A quick search does not provide dates as to meeting or marriage. Alyssa had this man’s name. Likely, as no father was on the birth certificate, Mr. Barosch adopted Alyssa as a baby. If that is the case, no other man has the right to “be the father.” If at age 18 the child wanted to contact him, it would be fairly easy for her to do. I’m guessing Christian is giving Mr. Barosch the space and dignity he deserves as her true father.

  10. Just learned about this. Want my opinion? Three letters: D N A. Just get a DNA test and then shut up about it. I personally don’t think this girl has one single feature similar to CK’s. This isn’t even my business but I feel compelled to say something in defense of a guy who might not be the father after all. How many fish in the sea at the U of O?!?!?

  11. I know for a fact that Jennifer’s claims are true because we were best friends and I am the one who took her to the clinic to get the pregnancy test. She was dating Chris in Oklahoma but was home for vacation. He was actually supportive in the very beginning and would bring her orange juice when she was having morning sickness. The support didn’t last long though. It is what it is. She was raised with loving parents and is a beautiful human being. It is Chris’ loss really.

  12. I feel for the girl I really do but seriously like others have said DNA wouldnt be hard to get,and 18 years later she still has no proof…..come on i feel for the daughter who thinks chris abandoned her, when chances are he really isnt her father. Even if he was scared when he was younger, I truley believe the person he is now would have stepped up no matter what for her. Points to him for not trashing this woman completely for her false accusations. He’s a better man than that.

  13. sorry but i have to say, i just went through crap like this with my husband… his ex popped up outta the woodwork claiming her teenage daughter as his, just to find out he was not her father. all this after a year of no financial aid from the mother what so ever and then her insistence of future payment and collection of all things purchased with our finances to be surrendered to her when she removed her child from our home when she learned a test was done. I am not buying this for a minute. if he had a child, i’m sure he would have had at least minimal involvement with the child, at least paternity testing rather than full out dismissing the child all together. if she had gone for state aid, he would have been tested then. to continue stating so with no proof but a photo from 1993 saying he is the father of this child is just sad. i say file for paternity or get off of it, then publicize that. too many mothers claim baby daddy and are wrong 85 percent of the time. i wont buy into this until there is valid proof infront of me
    good grief recently posted..Book Excerpt: How to Punish Your Playboy by Mina Vaughn

  14. People, people calm down. First off, if this girl was his, she’d look a lot like him or her mother. Not only that she looks too old to be born in ’93. Have a DNA test before we start judging our favorite country man

  15. Just because Chris is a public figure does not make his life, past and present, public fodder. He is no different than the bulk of the human race with the exception of his career choice. LEAVE THE MAN ALONE!

  16. I don’t know if he’s her father or not; you don’t neither. What I do know is that you’re giving him, not only the benefit of the doubt, but also a pass because he’s an actor that you like. It doesn’t matter if you’re “ready” to be a parent; if you have sex that results in human life, you’re responsible…no matter how many ridiculous women make fools of themselves for you.

    • I don’t know if it’s his child or not (now a young adult), but the story about how hard it was to get a DNA test is absolutely false. Also, the father doesn’t have to be present to be listed on the birth certificate (Unless Oklahoma was different than Texas at that time). If the father had to be there, there would be a lot of blank birth certificates. If she didn’t follow through with DNA, she shouldn’t be selling the story now. And that is what is happening with these “trash” magazines….she is getting paid. I hope that if Chris (Christian) is the father AND the girl wants to meet him – then they shall get to meet each other. It really is up to them IF the daughter was adopted, then that is the main issue. No judgments. I know in Oklahoma at that time period, there was a LOT of premarital sex (and to this very day in this lovely Bible belt state:) )

  17. Why didn’t she just bring it up to the court instead of complaining online? Why doesn’t she take private instead with Chris instead of going out to the press? If he had wanted to have contact with his daughter, he would had done it long ago. He drew the line already during her pregnancy.


    Two tweets from Jenny Ann Stoker, since it’s about Christian Kane it must be Jennifer Ann Stoker. She really sounds obsessed with the thought she have a daughter with him. She seems contact with gossip magazines and
    she is very careful to point out th
    she is very careful to point out that she is his daughter. And it all begins when he’s getting bigger rolls.

  19. Ok do you see the alleged child does not even have own mothers maiden name.. Which is “Stoker” the alleged child’s last name is Barosh.. Where did that come from.
    Is she adopted.. There is a lot of pieces missing.
    Just Saying..

  20. Not true! Jennifer isn’t just now thinking of these things for her daughter. It started back in Ok. And she struggled with the situation ever since ! I knew them when the little girl was very young and yes she did favor Chris. Yes, DNA would finalize it once and for all but only the people involved need to know, none of anyone’s else’s buissness. A couple of things to ponder, Ever think maybe Jennifer didn’t pursue Chris a long time ago because she was a single mom with no money? Maybe the birth control didn’t work? Maybe the reason the interview was done because the child got curious ? I also knew the Mr. Barosh , the man that loved that child as his own. Blood doesn’t all ways make you family !! But sometime you just need to know. And while I’m at this, I have read all kinds of bander about how Jennifer was irresponsible and why now that Chris is so called famous. One of you said there were missing pieces, yes. It’s the piece about how Chrus didn’t want to be a father because he wanted to pursue his acting career! Which he did successfully When did you people ever think about what Jennifer gave up? Remember , she was at college too! It was not to hang out and become a mother!! I love Alyssa , so I’m glad she did!!

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