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Point pink bubble dress-eBay, pink scarf-Fashion Bug, Esther floral platforms-ShoeDazzle

My sister visited for my birthday weekend at the end of May. We basically just hung out and went to see The Hangover 2. The scarf/hair were her idea for fun. She is a hairstylist so she did it in a fancy braid. I did not wear that scarf like a super hero but I think that pic is funny. I bought this dress last summer but just never got around to wearing it. My sister took these which is why I had a hard time not making a stupid face and why they are from different angles than normal.

Esther floral platforms-ShoeDazzle

I bought these really awesome Esther floral platforms from ShoeDazzle not long ago and had to wear them. They are usually out of this style but the similar looking Anastasia is often in stock.

I'm really fuckin old. Yummy.

I really don’t care about candles on a cake but since others insisted but didn’t remember to buy an 8 (I turned 28) and I wasn’t putting 29 I did this for fun. I had to try the new Target Exclusive Ben & Jerry’s Volun-Tiramisu flavor ice cream. It was good but my current favorite is still Berry Voluntary.

"What? I stand like this naturally"

So then my sister threw on this scarf and posed for fun. I tried to get her to wear it out (cuz I never wear scarves & felt odd) but she declined.


Birthday 2011


Birthday 2011 by MissEmmaMM featuring floral shoes
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