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“Teenagers are weird and you’re the weirdest”

This post is for the Film Experience‘s Hit Me With Your Best Shot series. Peggy Sue Got Married is the 1986 Francis Ford Coppola fantasy film about a woman who faints at her 25th high school reunion and wakes up as a teen during the week that she made the decisions that set up the rest of her life. It stars Kathleen Turner as Peggy Sue. I’m a big fan of Turner’s and recommend reading her autobiography.

As a child I was very open to everything (time travel/ghosts/witches/telepathy/religion/you name it). It’s not that I thought that it was all true but that there was the possibility that anything could be true. I am now completely cynical but I still like watching some of my childhood favorites, like Peggy Sue, which take me back to a simpler time. I later read that there was drama related to Nic Cage’s Gumby voice and other problems when they made the movie but that doesn’t matter to me.

It was difficult for me to choose a shot because the thing that I really dig about the movie is the dialogue. It seems like sometimes when there would be a reaction shot or a close up of the actor saying the awesome line that the camera is always pulled far away or focusing on someone else.

I chose this shot because even though Peggy originally feels like she is just trying to avoid marrying Nic Cage’s Charlie Bodell and playing the field with other guys she is also behaving like one of those women who takes on the interests of whatever guy she is with and loses some of herself. This is when she’s trying to seem cool to wannabe beatnik poet Michael Fitzsimmons.

"I'm a hip chick"


The funny thing is that often when you are watching a movie you are trying to figure it out for the characters but I have no idea what she should have done. She has this crazy obsessive possessive love with Cage who is at times either scary or ridiculous but then also adorable.

Of course there are a million other moments that I love in the movie, so here are some more screencaps.

3 Proposals







"What if no one else there is dressed like this?"

They won't be but that's why we love you. Man this dress is so fab.


Something about dentists getting cocaine to treat patients strikes me as untrue but you have to have a photo of Jim Carrey with nose candy.


amused and a little tipsy


"...the next week you say 'If you love me, you will', that's a guys line"


"You don't know zip"


Freemasons are creepy as fuck.


(screencaps are clickable to full size)

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