Fun With Magazines: Maxim’s 50 Other Things To Do This Summer


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I love to read but unlike snooty, annoying people I love to read magazines as well as books. While reading magazines I sometimes think of writing about a new issue but I tend to want to go into as much detail as possible and it would take forever. Plus it basically boils down to this, loved it or hated it. Maxim is my favorite magazine so loved it is usually accurate. When I subscribed to Glamour it was usually 20% girl power + 80% you are too fat/dumb/don’t love the environment and should buy extra lengthening mascara. It would be boring and not fun at all for me to rag on or just applaud stuff. While I was reading this month’s Maxim I saw something fun in it that I could alter and make mine and wouldn’t cause me to go all Beautiful Mind and work on it for hours or days.

Enjoy my version of Maxim’s 50 Other Things To Do This Summer after you read theirs.
(This is for fun, I’ll probably only do like 10 naturally since I’m a shut in.)

(click scans once for a bigger version and twice for the full versions)

*I actually almost scanned this and then went to use a program similar to the old paint to digitally write on it and then realized how ridiculous that is (less personal and would take longer). Remember when we were using computers to do less?


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