Film Inspired Fashion: Just Go With It

I recently watched the movie Just Go With It because I hate myself. It was actually worse than I anticipated. Someone asked me “Why did you watch it if you knew you would hate it?”. I blame DirecTV because when a movie is released they will advertise the shit out of it until you are brain washed into watching it. That is also why I watched Hall Pass. Yeah…

Just Go With It stars Adam Sandler as a man who pretends to be married to pick up chicks. When one wants proof of this he enlists Jennifer Aniston to play his soon to be ex-wife. Hilarity does not ensue despite other actors that I enjoy such as Nick Swardson and Nicole Kidman.

The movie is awful but I loved some of the outfits shown in it. I had to jump right online while watching (and I’m sure that I didn’t miss anything important) to find out who Aniston’s mesh coverup dress was by. It is the Anna Kosturova Marissa tennis dress which you can see in the collage below with many similar, cheaper alternatives. I haven’t been into these in a while but now I’m keeping my eye out for one that I want to pick up.

Just Go With It Tennis Dress

Just Got With It Sheath Dress

In another scene Aniston sports a sexy, white sheath dress with some Jimmy Choo shoes.

Just Go With It Versace Dress

Plus Reel Clothes recently sold this dress that Nicole Kidman sported via their eBay auctions. It was a silk, Versace dress.


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