Welcome to July: 90s, Scifi & 30 for 30

Welcome to July readers!

Hopefully I’m not biting off more than I can chew here but I’ve been full of ideas lately (to give you an idea, 1/2 the posts in my dashboard are drafts). I had already decided that I wanted July to be 90s Month, plus I’ve been getting into watching/reading more scifi stuff and I’ve decided to participate in Kendie Everyday’s 30 for 30. Now this is going to amount to a ton of posts this month but don’t worry if none of these subjects interest you. I will still be blogging about additional topics, including more Netflix Streaming posts and a couple of new Photo Sets.

90s Month


90s Month will feature a bunch of posts on things that I loved about the 90s including movies, fashion and music. If you would like to participate and write a 90s post on your own blog during July just leave a comment on 1 of my 90s posts. If I get at least a few of those I will feature them at some time during the month. I know, I know, you’re thinking, “Uh, Mary, isn’t it always 90s Month on here?”. Shut up! But seriously, I do realize that I reference the 90s a lot because it was fun.

Scifi Month


I have gotten into scifi films and books lately. Plus the DVDTalk forum does an Annual Summer Sci-Fi/Fantasy Challenge that I haven’t participated in during the past so this seems like a great time to give that a try. These challenges are basically about trying to watch as many films/TV shows pertaining to a certain genre in a certain amount of time. My list is here. It isn’t complete yet. I will not be mentioning everything on it on this blog so feel free to check it out.

30 for 30

If you don't love boots we probably can't be friends.

The 30 for 30 challenge is a great challenge that many women have been doing for a while. You basically pick 30 items out of your wardrobe and during the time that you choose to allot to yourself you use them to make 30 outfits. I haven’t done this in the past but the rules are much simpler this time, which is great because I’ve always had to follow my own rules. I can’t be hemmed in to choose all of my pieces a month before I wear them but I’m going to do my own version of this. My main aim is to try to wear outfits instead of just throwing on my comfy cargoes and men’s graphic tees all of the time. This is very easy for me to do since I am a recluse. However everyone knows that you are likely to cheer yourself up a little when you like or are having fun with what you are wearing. I will not be including shoes in the number of items because they are my favorite thing and I have so many that I love. I have already started wearing these outfits and should have my first post in the series up soon. I’ll post likely be doing cumulative posts for this about once a week. You can find links to all of the current remixers on Kendi’s site here. My previous Style File posts are here.

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