Get the Hottest Hermes & Louboutin Inspired Styles Under $40

(There are currently ShoeDazzle 1/2 off Groupons available. Skip to the end to snag yours.)

A few days ago I was thrilled to see that ShoeDazzle had released their own interpretation of the classic Hermes Birkin bag, the Lyon. I really wanted the red and am also loving the green. I took a day to think about it since I try not to buy many bags. When I checked the next day it was already sold out in green. I snagged one in red. They are now also out of red. You can currently choose from camel or black I also recommend getting on the waitlist (they call you when they get them in) and/or stalking it (checking the page frequently for restocks) in the color that you want. I have bought many of my ShoeDazzle purchases after they’ve sold out and come back in stock so I can tell you that it’s very likely that you could still get your first color choice if you are adamant. All colors are currently in stock.

The actual Birkin bag is a celebrity favorite, having been featured on Sex and the City and on the arms of many stars. I am also a big fan of the Hermes Kelly bag, as seen in Le Divorce. I even had a jelly knockoff of it that I bought at Dots a few years back. Who knows? Maybe ShoeDazzle will interpret that one in the future.

ShoeDazzle’s Lyon by MissEmmaMM on

ShoeDazzle's Lyon

The Birkin on Sex and the City (NOTE: The 2nd video is not in English)

ShoeDazzle is also currently featuring a really cute wedge with a bow, Tillie in brown, black or pink (my favorite). It is their interpretation of the Christian Louboutin Miss Cristo.

ShoeDazzle’s Tillie by MissEmmaMM featuring sandals

ShoeDazzle's Tillie

JustFabulous (also known as JustFab) is currently showcasing this lovely shoe, the Makeeda in blush, blue, red or black. It is their version of the Christian Louboutin Clou Noeud. I am really feeling blush but the black would go with so many outfits and the blue is so unexpected.

Just Fabulous’ Makeeda by MissEmmaMM featuring christian louboutin heels

Just Fabulous' Makeeda

ShoeDazzle and JustFab are monthly shoe clubs. This means that you are charged a set amount ($39.99) whether or not you have ordered by a certain date each month. You can choose to spend this on any item that they are selling. You are not required to actually make a purchase each month. Just skip that month by the specified date. It’s very easy. You know that I wouldn’t participate if it were difficult. You can sign up for ShoeDazzle here and you will get about 20% off of your first purchase (making it $32). You can sign up for JustFab by going here and your first purchase will only be $31.96 (20% off).

Update-May 2012-Lyon is back in cute candy colors. Tillie is also back in the original styles and new fun prints, I favor the orange. I’m pretty sure Makeeda is also still available.


If you are new to ShoeDazzle you can go buy a Groupon and get your first pair or bag for only $19 (1/2 off). You can buy 1 per person + 1 as a gift. This is only good on new ShoeDazzle accounts. The reason that I am listing multiple Groupons is that once a sale ends you usually are able to use it in 24 hours. So if you are in a hurry then you would want to purchase the earliest now or maybe you get paid in a day or 2 and need to wait until then to buy it. There is also the possibility that you would need to buy more than one. (6 hours left) (1 day and 5 hours left) (2 days and 5 hours left)
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