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There were many different genres of music that were popular in the 90s but my all time favorite is alternative (or alternative rock). Much like disco music, which had a brief resurrection in the 90s, my favorite genre of music is dead, despite what Wikipedia says. They also list about a billion bands under this moniker, many of which I disagree with. However while putting together this playlist I figured out why. It’s a little trickier to define than I thought. It seems to have grown out of punk, goth, metal, ska and who knows what other genres. It’s also sometimes used interchangeably with grunge. Looking back, some bands straddled many genres or even just made 1 alternative album (ala the disco phenomenon).

Alternative just encompassed the slacker feeling of the 90s. Although alt rock is often considered depressing, it’s not the same as when you go through a goth or heavy metal phase (aka music to slit your wrists to), in that it’s not as depressed. I mean, it is, but you get a sort of a unifying feeling of everyone’s life sucks, not just yours, so get used to it.

I think for a while that we thought that alternative would come back, but then the good radio stations either folded or switched to pop or whatever this easy listening rock that is out now is called, it became apparent that Gavin Rossdale really was just a stay at home daddy (who occasionally pops up to sing ballads, ballads, ballads, sorry, it’s still horrifying) and even Eddie Vedder (who I was never crazy about or anything) decided that ukuleles were cool.

But let’s ignore that and just listen to this playlist of tunes, shall we?

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BONUS: shirtless pics of Gavin Rossdale from the 90s. (click for the full size pics)

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