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Are you looking for the best romances with nudity on Netflix Streaming? Then you came to the right place. Netflix calls them Steamy Romances. A steamy romance has a similar feel to an erotic thriller. It’s sexy, it’s dangerous and it’s naked. However in an erotic thriller you’re usually worried about getting murdered while in a sexy romance you’re just worried about getting in trouble at work or losing your heart.

Most photos are much larger. Click for the full size versions. They make great backgrounds for your computer.

Hemingway’s Garden of Eden (2008)

I must admit that I don’t know much of Hemingway aside from what I picked up in this film and Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. This is a thoroughly captivating movie about passion and artistic truth. Mena Suvari plays the wife of the main character (a writer that I assume Hemingway based on himself). They end up in a threeway relationship with another woman. Suvari is simply marvelous in this film. She’s daring and tempestuous. She shocks the general population with her will to act masculine whenever she fancies. Plus she engages in a battle of wills with her hubby.
Jack Huston and Matthew Modine costar.

Rated R for Strong sexual content, nudity and some language

Angel (2007)

Angel is a British romantic drama. It’s about a poor young woman, Angel, who grows up to be a rich romance novelist through sheer perseverance. I had it in my queue for a while because I adore Sam Neill, who costars. Once I began watching it though I realized that he only has a supporting role, as her publisher, as it’s fairly recent and he’s getting on in years.

I was amused by the film’s melodramatic soapiness despite the lead actress’ off putting demeanor. Random people online have described this as a satire or a spoof of period romances but there is nothing to suggest that the filmmakers intended that to be so. I think that people are just projecting what they want to see.

After she gains fame she employs a female assistant who seems to be in love with her but falls for the assistant’s womanizing artist brother. The fantastic thing about this character is that he is played by X-Men: First Class’s Michael Fassbender. Yes, he is also super hot in this. When he and Angel start getting down we get to see his fine bod.

Not Rated

The Wings of the Dove (1997)

I remember in the ’90s when this was released and was quite popular. Some how I put off watching it until this year. This was probably a good thing as I can definitely appreciate it more now as a big Helena Bonham Carter fan. This British romantic period drama is heart wrenching. Plot: “An impoverished woman who has been forced to choose between a privileged life with her wealthy aunt and her journalist lover, befriends an American heiress. When she discovers the heiress is attracted to her own lover and is dying, she sees a chance to have both the privileged life she cannot give up and the lover she cannot live without.”

Rated R for sexuality.

Captives (1994)

Captives is a British romantic crime drama about a dentist, Julia Ormond, and a prison inmate, Tim Roth, that she meets while working in prison. Roth gets out weekly to attend a school program and they begin getting hot & heavy. Public bathroom sex scene, FTW!

Rated R: A strong sex scene, language and some violence.

Wild Orchid (1990)

“Ask him if he understands what tremendous pleasure women get looking at naked men.”

Wild Orchid is about a young woman, Carrie Otis, discovering her sexuality. The “plot” is pretty lame and boring, as often happens with these types of films, but who cares? You get Otis having her sexual awakening, trying to decide on whether or not to bone Mickey Rourke and the older and more sexually free Jacqueline Bisset (Nip/Tuck) guiding her.

Rated R: May include adult themes, adult activity, hard language, intense or persistent violence, sexually-oriented nudity, drug abuse or other elements.

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1990)

“You want to fuck me, right? Get it over with.” “Relax. We’ll fuck when the time comes.”

This Pedro Almodovar movie is bananas. While the other films are dramas this is a comedy, an incredibly goofy comedy. The flick is about a young Antonio Banderas (then 30, but looking way younger) who is obsessed with a recovering drug addict porn star who is filming her first real movie (which is shlock). Of course there are times when he has to restrain her. Eventually she falls for him in a definite case of Stockholm Syndrome. It reminds me of a 1970s or 1980s Harlequin novel at times. If you removed the over the top goofy subplot of the horror film that she’s making you could basically shoot the rest of it as a freaky ass erotic thriller instead. The sex scene doesn’t come quickly but is long and graphic. Ah, Banderas buns!

Rated NC-17: For a scene of strong adult sensuality with nudity (aka fucking).

9 1/2 Weeks (1986)

Plot: “An erotic story about a woman (Kim Basinger), the assistant of an art gallery, who gets involved in an impersonal affair with a man (Mickey Rourke). She barely knows about his life, only about the sex games they play, so the relationship begins to get complicated.” (from I actually prefer the prequel because of my love for Paul Mercurio.

Rated R: May include adult themes, adult activity, hard language, intense or persistent violence, sexually-oriented nudity, drug abuse or other elements.


Return to the Blue Lagoon (1991)

At first glance you may wonder about this choice. Yes, it is PG-13 but it’s sexy. If you are a Charmed freak, like me, then you will love this. Brian Krause, aka Leo, stars in this at the yummy age of 22. Milla Jovovich costars and was 16 at the time. It’s about 2 children who aren’t related but grew up together alone on a tropical island, so at first it would seem like they are siblings. The film is about what happens when they start to come of age and don’t know what to do with their new hormones. Of course they eventually decide to get busy on the regular. I know, it seems a bit creepy the first time you watch it. Then society tries to intervene. I’ve never seen the original film because it doesn’t interest me.

Rated PG-13: Some material might not be suited for children 13 and under.

White Palace (1990)

“All I know is that when I’m not with you I’m a total wreck.” “And when you are with me?” “I’m a different kind of total wreck.”

Amazing movie! This flick is about a sexy middle aged woman (Susan Sarandon) who ends up meeting a hot depressed yuppie (James Spader) a couple of times and starting an, at first, purely sexual relationship. The film’s title is a take off of White Castle, in reference to the famous restaurant. Sarandon’s character works at a take off of this chain, White Palace in the film, due to legal difficulties.

Not only do these two have to deal with their age difference but also their class difference. Sarandon keenly feels what it’s like to struggle to make it while Spader is living the good life. Sarandon is also battling her own demons and has an affinity for Marilyn Monroe. Heck yeah, a cougar who’s obsessed with Marilyn and Spader? I totally sympathize. The moral of White Palace is give a good blow job and he’ll fall in love with you. Oh and it’s not rape if you look like Susan Sarandon.

Rated R: Adult content, graphic language, nudity,strong sexual content.

Dream Lover (1994)

Admittedly Dream Lover is not a great movie. However it’s sexy and disturbing and stars the amazing James Spader, ah. He quite quickly marries the always icy Madchen Amick after they meet. She seems to be hiding a disturbing past.

Rated R: May include adult themes, adult activity, hard language, intense or persistent violence, sexually-oriented nudity, drug abuse or other elements.

Damage (1992)

“All through dinner, I had one thought, one desire. To touch you. To hold you.”

Wow, just wow, this is one of those films that I can’t believe that I hadn’t seen before. The creepily sexy Jeremy Irons starts a tawdry affair with the fiance of his son, Juliette Binoche, in this British flick. Worst dad ever! There is a lot of hot, sex in this. Rough too. He really likes to manipulate her neck. I was worried that he would break it. Irons has some type of government job, which I suppose was supposed to have be controversial, considering his extracurricular activities, back then, but is super commonplace now. Even the posters/video covers were awesomely provocative!

Rated R: Strong sexuality, and for language.

Summer Lovers (1982)

I have mentioned this movie before because fuck yes for a young, full frontal Peter Gallagher! Darryl Hannah and Peter Gallagher are young lovers who vacation in Greece and fall into a threesome relationship with a local woman.

Rated R: May include adult themes, adult activity, hard language, intense or persistent violence, sexually-oriented nudity, drug abuse or other elements.


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Please feel free to add the titles of your favorite sexy romances that are on streaming as a comment. Netflix has a ton of these films and I have barely scratched the surface of their available titles.

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I’ve been a fan of Sofia Vergara for a few years. I used to watch her show The Knights of Prosperity. Plus I read men’s magazines. Her current show, Modern Family, is a huge hit. She’s been wisely using its success to promote many brands including Diet Pepsi. When I first heard about her Kmart collection I was excited to see what she would come up with.

Our local Kmart got the collection this week. They don’t have all of the pieces but I picked out a few that interested me and thought that I’d do a little review. When I first saw the clothes I thought of Dots. They are mainly made of polyester and are similar to the clubbing clothes that all of us buy at Dots. There’s nothing wrong with that of course. It’s just that there isn’t structure involved. It’s like that old saying, “she’s so hot she’d look good in a garbage bag”. So yeah, of course Sofia Vergara looks rockin in her line, she has a great hourglass figure. If you don’t but want to look like you do my suggestion would be adding some shapewear and/or belts to the pieces.

To give you an idea of fit, I am a size 10 with a C cup. I have booty and thighs but I don’t have a noticeable waist. I just quickly grabbed everything in a large.

I’ve overexposed the photos so you can see detail. You can see the actual color of the items at the end of the post. Please excuse my bitch face as I think I’m getting a cold and our Kmart is overheated.

Ruched Ruffle Dress

I love dresses so I had to try a couple of those on first. This one isn’t really my style but it’s in much of the advertising, so why not? The fit was fine and the ruching does create some shape. If I were to wear this I’d wear a wide belt around my waist with it. (Yeah, I have VPL, deal with it. I never understood why that was a big deal anyway. She wears panties, how scandalous!)

Ruched Mini-Dress
I sort of like this one now more than when I tried it on. I like the leopard design at the top. While I was taking pictures I felt like the arm holes were a little tight but I was holding my arms at that odd angle. It would probably be fine unless you were doing the chicken dance or something.

Sleeveless Cowl Neck Top
This seemed like it could be a versatile piece. Someone could wear it under a sweater or blazer at work and then without at night. I would definitely go down to a medium if I were going to get it for me though. I was swimming in it.

Asymmetrical Shirred Tunic
Ah, the only one I didn’t have to overexpose the picture on. You can still see the design. This was also too big on me. I’d definitely go down to a medium on it as well. This one seemed more relaxed like you could pair it with jeans.

Shawl Collar Wrap Sweater
Okay, this was my favorite piece! It’s super soft, pretty and flattering. I would refer to it a a Marilyn sweater. I accidentally got this in a medium (it was on the wrong size hanger) and it fit perfectly. If you buy it online they have it in a myriad of colors.

I just swung by the shoes and bags quickly. Our store only had 2 styles of shoes but both were cute. The bags aren’t really my style but looked pretty nice. (The photos are so close because that’s how our Kmart is set up. I was a few inches away.)

So I would say that any woman could probably find a couple of pieces to suit them. Most of the pieces that I tried on were $29.99 and they had them in sizes small through extra large. I would recommend trying them on in person for a good fit.

You can shop online by going here.
(Unfortunately my store didn’t have any of the skirts or that bustier dress.)

Sofia Vergara for Target


Check It Out
Shop Sofia Vergara for Kmart on
Tried it Tuesday: Channeling My Inner Sofia Vergara on
Sofia Vergara Kmart Clothing Line Debuts This Fall! on Style Crunch


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(from GQ)

Dale: “Well she’s not just my girlfriend anymore, we’re engaged now”
Julia: “What?”
Dale: “We’re engaged”
Julia: “You said that she was just a hole for your dick”
Dale: “I never said that. Not really my style”

(from Kevin Spacing tumblr)

Nick: “You know that last month you made me work so late that I missed saying goodbye to my Gam Gam?”
Harkin: “I’m sorry, what?”
Nick: “My grandmother. I told you that I needed to see her because she was very, very sick. You said that if I left early I’d get fired and she died before I made it to the hospital.”
Harkin: “I’m sorry”
Nick: “Thank you”
Harkin: (laughing) “I had no idea that you called your grandmother Gam Gam.” (laughing more rambunctiously) “Sorry, I’m sorry, sorry that you didn’t get to say bye bye to Gam Gam, I really am, I’m sorry, but I needed you to stay here and work late because you are an invaluable member of this operation and I need you in the position that you’re currently in.”

Bobby: “What else? Oh yeah, we’ve gotta trim some of the fat around here”
Kurt: “Trim the, what do ya mean by trim the fat?”
Bobby: “I want you to fire the fat people.”
Kurt: “What?”
Bobby: “They’re lazy and they’re slow and they make me sad to look at. You can start with Large Marge. Marge, can you come in here please?”
Kurt: “No, Margee’s not fat, she’s pregnant. I’m not gonna fire her.”
Bobby: “Fine. Uh stay where you are Marge. Congratulations”
Bobby: “You can fire, uh Professor Xavier”
Kurt: “Who are you talking about? You mean Hank”
Bobby: “Yeah, he fuckin’ creeps me out, rollin’ around all day in his special little secret chair, I know he’s up to something”

(from James Brown tumblr)

Dale: “Well now you’re kinda crossin’ the line cuz you’re naked”
Julia: “Uh, not naked Dale, can you see my pussy?”
Dale: “True, um, but I think, uh, even really saying the word, uh, pussy is that’s”
Julia: “That’s crossing the line?
Dale: “little bit
Julia: “Starting to sound like a little faggot there Dale”
Dale: “There we go, that one’s, uh, another one, probably an illegal thing to say too”

Kurt: “Technically I think it’s immoral for me not to kill him”

Julia: (climbs on Day’s fiance who is knocked out in the dentist’s office) “Let’s use her like a bed”

Dale: “Rape, rape, rape, that’s a rape! This is what raping is! You’re a raper! You’ve raped me! That’s a rape! Rape!”

Dale: “Your ad said you do wet work”
Wetwork Man: “That’s correct, I urinate on other men for money”

Motherfucker Jones: “I’m gonna be your murder consultant.”
Dale: “I’m sorry but uh, no man, right, that’s not cool”
Motherfucker Jones: “You wanna shut this fuckin’ hamster up”
Dale: “Don’t call me a hamster now, c’mon, it’s just upsetting”
Kurt: “Easy, easy, easy, no, it’s it’s somewhat accurate…”

Kurt: (stepping into Farrell’s house) Aw look at this, look at this place, it’s awful. It’s like a douche bag museum. It’s like we stepped inside the mind of an asshole.”

Nick: (cleaning cocaine) “…I feel like I should be panicking and I am a little bit but it’s like in a very, very good way, like a good kind of panic, like I feel like I want to die right now but I also feel very, very, very good”

Dale: “I’m coked out of my fuckin’ mind I’ll punch whoever the fuck I want to”

Kurt: (looking at a wedding photo) “Hey, shit is that Harkin’s wife?
Nick: “Yeah, that’s her”
Kurt: “Oh man, she is hot”
Nick: “She sure is, here we go.”
Kurt: “I tell ya what, I’d like to bend her over a barrel and show her the 50 states, ya know what I’m sayin’?”
Nick: “I don’t know what that means.”
Kurt: “It’s a saying”
Nick: “I don’t think so.”
Kurt: “No, it is, it is, people say that.”
Nick: “I haven’t heard it”
Kurt: “I’ve definitely heard people say that”
Nick: “I’m not gonna argue with you. Let’s continue the recon”
Kurt: “Well it’s definitely a phrase.”
Nick: “It sure isn’t.”
Kurt: “Yeah it is. It’s from a book, Great Gatsby maybe”

Harkin: “You want to tell me what you’re doing littering on my street?”
Dale: “I think what happened was that the wind blew it out of my hand”
Harkin: “I don’t care if the wind blew it out of your twat…”

Kurt: “I can’t go to jail, look at me, I’d get raped like crazy”
Nick: “Me too”
Kurt: “Yeah, totally”
Nick: “I’d get raped just as much as you would”
Kurt: “Oh no, I know you would, of course you would”
Nick: “You think you’re more rapeable than I am?”
Kurt: “Hey Nick, I’m not saying anything like that”
Nick: “You’re coming very close to saying it”

Kurt: “Then next thing you know she makes herself a little snack, a Popsicle, then a banana and finally a hot dog, c’mon”
Dale: “No, I don’t believe your story”
Kurt: “3 penis shaped foods, that can’t be a coincidence, right? And eating them in that weird order? That’s not a proper meal”
Nick: “It’s cold to hot.”

(at the police precinct)
Nick: “I was drag racing. I’m a drag racer.”
Detective Samson: “You were drag racing, in a Prius?”
Nick: “I don’t win a lot”

Nick: “Where were you during the murder?”
Kurt: “I was making love to a woman, murdering some ass…”

Kurt: “They found my DNA”
Dale: “The found your poop brush!”


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Click the thumbnails for the full size images. See Myspace is still occasionally useful for something.

Usually when I do one of these it’s not quite so transparent because the actor is further along in his career so I can mention his mad acting skills or awesome sense of humor. Kyle Gallner is still in the slutty young actress phase of his career though, which is super awesome. You know, when the casting director is told “we need someone young and hot who will take off their pants!”. So you’ve got a young actor running around half naked in horror movies and teen sex comedies? Yeah, I’m all about that.

I fell for Kyle in the winter of 2010. I had just seen the abominable A Nightmare On Elm Street remake and a few days later had decided to rewatch Jennifer’s Body. (I’m a big Megan Fox fan). As I was watching it I thought this emo kid’s pretty hot. Then it hit me, wasn’t that the Ritalin kid in Elm Street? I texted ChaCha who confirmed my suspicion. I didn’t really think too much about it because I’d assumed that he was younger than he is. (Yay, for being wrong, he’s almost 25.)

A few months ago I read about a movie called Cougars Inc and knew that I had to rent that ASAP when it was released. Then this month Kevin Smith released Red State on video on demand. So I’m firmly back in Kyle Gallner mode. Without giving too much away about Red State I must say that I’m sure that Kevin Smith wasn’t intending to get young women into S&M with it but according to tumblr that’s what’s happening. Love it!

If you want to watch Gallner run around in various states of undress you need to watch Cougars Inc and Cherry ASAP. Cougars Inc is one of those Risky Business type of flicks about teens who run a prostitution ring to service older women. Denise Richards and James Belushi costar. Cherry is about a nerdy guy who goes to college and then meets an older woman who has went back to college (hey, I see a pattern here) and gets tangled up in her life. He’s a “cherry” which means that he’s a virgin at the beginning of the movie. Aw.

I’m currently very excited to see Kyle’s upcoming film about an aspiring band, Losers Take All. Yes, he sings! Unfortunately it doesn’t have a release date yet.

Christine Vachon interviews Kyle Gallner at Sundance in 2011 about Red State & Little Birds


JENNIFER’S BODY (someone put together a video of every scene of his! spoilers)


“What’s your favorite sexual position?” on the set of Cougars Inc (originally called Mothers Little Helpers)

Get More: Movie Trailers, Movies Blog

(the short film in 2 parts)

Hollywood Takes a Stand Against Planking

Kyle is from West Chester, Pennsylvania.
He had heart surgery when he was 4 years old.


Asher Levin’s Channel-he wrote & directed Cougars Inc & has a ton of vlogs up there from the making of the flick.
CSI: NY “Sweet 16” & “Some Buried Bones”
CSI: NY “Taxi”

Jack & Bobby 1-15 “Time Out of Life”
Jack & Bobby 1-17 “Querido Grace”

The Haunting in Connecticut
Medium 3-15 “The Boy Next Door”
Bones 2-7 “The Girl With the Curl”

Cinema Now
Red State

Amazon Instant Video

Check It Out
“Turn the room around!” -about the filming of Losers Take All.
Gallner on Kevin Smith’s Smodcast
Kyle Gallner photos on Fanpop
Kevin Smith’s Red State marketing strategy
K Gallner tumblr
Heck Yeah Kyle Gallner tumblr
Kyle Gallner tumblr

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I am very excited that I was included in this week’s round up.

What’s Old is New… Again.

Edited By: Jessica Thorpe

The saying, “what comes around, goes around” has been proven throughout the history of fashion. Stylish peeps the world over have been stimulated by trends of decades passed time and time again. This weeks Links A La Mode is influenced by your interpretation of fashion fads and trends interpreted to suit our modern world.

The funky 70’s boho glam look is in full effect with flowing skirts, high waist lines and chunky platforms. Another trend making a loud avant garde blip on my radar is the classic ladylike look of the 50’s and 60’s. Women are embracing their curves and enhancing them with shape flattering silhouettes. Lastly, current fashion do’s that continue to inspire me are clever use of sheer, crochet, macrame and lace fabrics. And last but not least, retro accessories are back in a huge way; statement bangles, fanny packs and cat eye shades are loud on the fashion forefront.


SPONSOR: Jackets at Shopbop’s Shoptalk: Nightcap, IRO, Smythe, Doma, Alberta Ferretti, Smythe, IRO, Gryphon, Veda Jackets, LAMB, Nation LTD, Duvetica, Kaelen, Surface to Air.


If you would like to submit your link for next week’s Links à la Mode, please register first, then post your links HERE. The HTML code for this week will be found in the Links a la Mode group will be published later today. ~Jennine


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