Style File: Summer 2011 30 for 30 Part 4 (Finale)

(aka the post in which all of Pennsylvania stops reading this blog)

So this is the final post in my 30 for 30 challenge. Unfortunately I did not get to 30 outfits but that’s not really surprising, considering my life style. Most people have an epiphany when they do these. I mainly just realized that I need to buy some more basic tees and costume jewelry to round out my wardrobe. Plus I have been trying to actually wear some of my shoes (that I love to collect) and jazz outfits up with belts.

Believe it or not, wearing anything other than sweat pants and wife beaters in my town (it’s a shithole, this is the biggest attraction) is tantamount to basically asking people to give you shit for it. (It could also be because I don’t have 6 babies hanging off of, nor track marks on my arms).

The thing is that I’m not interesting in trying to conform. In fact, I never could but I’m not interested in being fucking boring anyway. I’ve lived in other small towns (unlike some people around here who have never left the state) and at least those other people had a sense of humor. Here they are defensive. It’s like “Don’t talk bad about my shithole, us assholes gotta stick together”. Well I’m not one of these assholes and I have no intention of every becoming one.

So from now on when I get shit I will be doing what I have been doing lately, standing up for myself, fists first if need be, (yes, I’m back to being 11 years old again) because I’m not into letting anyone, including these old blue haired biddies who hate everything about me-my figure, my clothing, my piercings, because all they know how to do is conform to the old lady hairstyle and act like catty bitches. This is on my mind because I got shit for the adorable 90s dress below, which I fucking love, FUCKING LOVE!

1970s FLORAL

Lady Blair floral dress-thrifted, white Candies-Gabriel Brothers
pink pearls-Kmart

I picked up this floral dress recently with a couple of other dresses and I really like it. It’s not something I’d usually think about wearing. It’s a little too pretty & soft but I really like it on. I was trying to figure out what jewelry to pair with it when I remembered these pink pearls that I bought a while back but always forget that I own (also seen in Photo Set: Burlesque). Then I dug up these Candies that I’ve had for years. They were much more comfortable than I thought. Although I did wear dirty, old flip flops to run into Walmart that day (so I could be faster) and I fit right in with all of the people who looked like they got dressed in the dark.


California Concepts sunflower dress-eBay, green budda bracelet-gift
satin Steve Madden platforms-thrifted

I found this dress on eBay and am super in love with it. I swear I’ve seen this exact print in some 90s film but can’t recall which one. It also brings to mind Janeane Garafalo’s wardrobe in Reality Bites. I threw on some platforms, woot, & was off. I did get shit from some old lady (as mentioned above) in this outfit but I did loudly threaten so I think that she got the idea. (I also scared the waitress a little). Then I ran into a store for a tech problem & surprise, surprise the guy working there was very nice, cuz I’m pretty and there’s nothing wrong with that.


Harajuku Lovers This Love Is Serious tank top-eBay, Route 66 yellow shorts-Kmart, pink polka dot belt-thrifted, heart necklace-gift, yellow bubble bracelet-Dots
yellow floral espadrilles by Xhilaration-thrifted

I have no idea what I did this day but I was really into wearing all yellow. The tank top was also seen here and the shoes were seen here.

Mossimo striped tank top-Target, yellow Route 66 shorts-Kmart, yellow bubble bracelet-Dots

I wore this one day when it was extremely hot (and I don’t have air conditioning in the room that I dress in, yay, sweaty). You can chalk up the odd/extreme pose due to my frustration at having to take more photos because the first ones were out of focus. (I really need to stop taking pictures in that room, the lighting is terrible). I wore my Pony shoes (seen here).

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