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Just click the pics for the larger versions.

Last fall during the Halloween season Lime Crime was running a makeup contest on their Facebook entitled Kiss Me Deadly.

I thought that it was a really cool, sexy Halloween look so I entered. I’m a novice at this type of makeup stuff though.

I tried to take them as beauty shots (focusing on the face) because it was a makeup contest. When I entered them I didn’t use any effects and cropped them down to just the face on the one’s that came out little further away. Since I’m reposting them here though I’ve tinkered with them for fun.

The Kiss Me Deadly Tutorial Video:
(in case you want to do your face up for a sexy Halloween look)

The Lime Crime products that Xenia used in the video were Smooth Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper, Empress Magic Dust, Siren Magic Dust and Styletto Lipstick.

I don’t happen to have any of those so I had to mix up a bunch of eyeshadows that I had laying around. For cheap, bright eyeshadow I also recommend LA Colors.

Info on the model, MUA, etc. can be found on

Click here to see my original entry.
Click here for the silly one that reminds me of the o face comment in Office Space.

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