TV Commercials: Am I Supposed To Be High For These?


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I am aware that TV commercials need to be eye catching because many of us are immune to them but they are getting quite ridiculous. If I still had satellite TV service I would be DVRing everything & then speeding through them but recently I’ve been watching TV live or legally online so I’m seeing a lot of commercials.

Most of the time we ignore them. Sometimes they might make us laugh or cry. That’s all well and good. However I’m beginning to wonder if a lot of people are just baked out of their minds on a daily basis now if they are not bothered by the current crop of nightmarish commercials.

These commercials can’t be doing that much for the brand as when I watch them I usually have no idea what is being advertised, I just know that I’m being freaked out. So I paid attention last night & caught a few (all within 1 hour).

People Person

This is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life and I used to watch horror movies constantly. It’s a person made of people who is getting ready to leave their house. Apparently it’s a car commercial but usually when it starts I avert my eyes or leave the room. P.S. You can’t unsee it.

6 Armed Woman
This one features a woman with an enchanting voice and way too many arms who is hypnotizing me. Seriously, it’s for a phone. That’s it.

Hamster Rap

There are a whole bunch of these hamster car commercials. I actually find the one set in the suburbs to be the most disturbing but I can’t locate it. I guess these shouldn’t bother me as they seem to be targeted to fans of marijuana.

Mom Jeans
Watch it here.

I couldn’t locate this ad but luckily a nice woman named Holly came across it and shared it with us. I actually have no problem with their Happy Cow commercials about cows talking to each other.

It’s their commercial about a woman wearing mom jeans that scared the fuck out of me last night. The woman is getting ready to leave her house and asks her family if she looks fat. She does because she is wearing incredibly high waisted jeans. No one in her family can say anything (cuz she’d flip out). So instead she sees a talking cow who tells her that she is good looking and should wear something more flattering. While I’m all for women liking themselves is our culture so screwed up that the message is being spouted from a talking cow?

Enjoy your Clios.

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