That Woman Behind You Is Better Than You, No Not That One, Look Harder

I try my best to avoid reading the type of blog post that I am going to describe to you as best I can, the trouble is that I’ll be reading something by someone I admire and get directed to one of these things. Then I’ll read half of it before I realize what it is…

“Did you notice that yesterday over there at shesbetter.corm Glinda stated that Geeneric Snack will poison everyone you know. I think that this is an important subject. The history of Geeneric Snack is overonWikipedia.

Do you eat it? Did you know that Evil Corp makes it? Did you know that eating it is a direct representation of who you are as a person?

Personally I only ate them once on a dare to join an exclusive country club to meet my husband but I’d like to know if all of you could leave a comment below telling me why you do or do not eat them and why that makes you better than the other side.

Thanks. Hurry…I just know that this will be a hotly debated topic all over the interweb…”

Obviously that was a bunch of gibberish that I just whipped up. I could go read a random sampling of blogs or other types of blog structured sites right this minute and link them back here, thereby giving you a random sampling of this type of semi-cloaked hatred directed at other women…BUT I WON’T.

Despite the way that everything seems to be set up (men and women at war with each other, women and women at war with each other), I like other women. I think that we should encourage each other. I read tons of writing by women that I find funny and insightful.

I see these types of posts often and find them quite disturbing. They may start out with any topic, it could be more superficial, like a beauty secret or something more complex, such as a political issue. It would not be unusual for it to fall into a vast gray area of topics somewhere in the middle. A post of this nature will usually quickly devolve from a woman stating the facts and then her opinions into a post where she turns it around on the reader asking them to choose a side. Then ladies flock to the comments section to argue about why something (quite possibly incredibly arbitrary) makes them in some way better than another woman. Sometimes she will even pick a side on the issue (it could be an issue that she just thought of and has no long standing opinions on) and state that if you are on the other side that you are in some way a moron (or maybe ugly, it would depend on the topic).

I’m not trying to tell women not to have a voice, quite the opposite. I just wish that they didn’t feel the need to turn every topic into some weird, creepy Mean Girls situation that involves them bringing other women down by placing those women’s hands on each other’s necks.

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