Style File: Gray Day

New York & Company gray v-neck ribbed sweater-thrifted, Miley Cyrus & Max Azria black draped pocket knit skirt-Walmart, Bongo floral leggings-Kmart

(Second clearer picture is to show texture. I recently adjusted the settings on my camera, so hopefully there won’t be any more out of focus or Myspace style shots in the future.)

I wore this the day after I went to a Halloween party so I’d already had my hair parted to the side for my flapper costume. I decided to go with it and wear it like that again. It looked kind of ’80s.

I was excited to wear this new sweater that I had just bought. I’ve been coveting some fitted sweaters this fall so I decided to hit up a thrift store and dig until I found some. I succeeded in finding a black cardigan and this gray pullover. I paired it with my Bongo leggings, also seen here. Then I threw this Miley Cyrus & Max Azria skirt over it that I picked up on sale at Walmart a while ago. It’s more of an awkward wear for someone with thighs (it has draped pockets over the sides) but I don’t care about fashion rules & what not.

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Gray Day


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