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I am not suggesting that you stay home and watch movies on New Year’s Eve if you want to go out. In fact, it’s always a bad idea for me. However if that’s what you and possibly a SO or friend have decided to do here are my top picks. Plus you could also watch one before you head out or after you return.

Chaos Theory (2007)

“Are you trying to kill yourself?” “Well, obviously, but I think it’s going to take a little while.”

Chaos Theory is a dark comedy starring Ryan Reynolds. He’s an efficiency expert. The character is somewhat similar to Ben Stiller’s in the abysmal Along Came Polly, except you know, this is an enjoyable movie. He manages his life down to the minute and doesn’t take risks.

One day his schedule is thrown off by his wife (Emily Mortimer). Once that happens he ends up performing a good deed that is misinterpreted by his wife. Then he finds out a big secret about her that leads to him making lists that say things like “Kill Myself”. Instead of doing that he goes wild and does or tries to do a bunch of risky acts that he’d normally never do.

The always amazing Stuart Townsend costars as their playboy best friend (who’s also in love with Reynolds’ wife). Sarah Chalke also makes an appearance. The movie is told using a timeframe of 3 important times in his life, one is the New Year’s Eve that begins his relationship with his wife. In addition to that it touches big time on trying to alter yourself which is very popular this time of year. It sucks that the film didn’t get a wide release. I bet Reynolds was really excited about showing his range in it.

Swingers (1996)

"kiss me you fool". Sorry that's not in the movie, just my imagination.

“How about if I wait six weeks to call. I could tell her I found her number while I was cleaning out my wallet, I can’t remember where we met. I’ll ask her what she looks like and then I’ll ask her if we fucked. How about that? Would that be money?”

No, Swingers is not a New Year’s movie. It’s not set on New Year’s Eve or any specific holiday (that I’m aware of). I suggest it for New Year’s because it’s now sort of a New Year’s tradition for me to watch it around this time of year. One year when I couldn’t go out on NYE I decided to watch some of my favorite movies instead. One of those was Swingers. I think it’s a decent New Year’s choice because it involves a bunch of partying and trying to pick people up.

It’s about a group of friends who are trying to break into acting. Jon Favreau wrote the film and stars in it as the sappy one who is also trying to find love. This was Vince Vaughn’s breakout role. Ron Livingston and Heather Graham costar.

This movie also appears in Top 1990s Movies about Twentysomethings on Netflix Streaming.

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I’ve selected some pretty, shimmery New Year’s Eve makeup tutorials from YouTube to give you guys some ideas for tonight. Enjoy! Hope you look smashing.

…or you can play up your lashes

…and I love this fun rave New Year’s Eve look from xsparkage as well.

I’m not positive how I’m doing my makeup tonight but my guess is that it will end up looking somewhat similar to how I wore it in my Burlesque Photo Set.


No Longer a Mallrat


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As a teen I hung out at the mall with friends (just like in those 90s movies that you see). We were poor but we did window shop a lot. Plus not everything was so expensive & as a teen girl my main interests there lie in CD singles & costume jewelry from Claire’s. Top that off with a slice of pizza and some cheap photobooth shots and you could call it an afternoon.

I rarely go anymore. For years the two local malls were ghost towns, one more so than the other. The one nearby also jacked up their prices. Then the worst thing happened…a bunch of preppy stores opened up. Although I did a small happy dance when they introduced Hot Topic & Spencer’s I scowl every time I now have to pass Aeropostale, American Eagle Outfitters and whatever the names of the other breeding grounds for assholes have assigned themselves.

Today I went. I went for the after Christmas sale. I believe this is the first time that I hit it up in 2 years. Usually if I go to the mall now it’s with a very specific purpose & I’m in and out of 2 stores in a nanosecond.

Not so today. Today the stores were crowded, overly loud and hot. Effeminate teen males roved all over the place. I couldn’t tell if their next moves were to lean in and smooch each other while insulting passersbys or insulting some prepubescent girls in animal hats and then say crass things about their rear ends.

Let’s bypass the fact that I don’t belong there. I’m already aware of that. At this point the mall is mainly a hangout for teens who are taking a break from sexting and the mall walking seniors.

However I used to at least be able to find things to buy there. Today I visitied Spencer’s and realized that the full makeover had taken place. It’s now the land of Tapout and gag sex gifts. When those took up small spaces in the store I didn’t care. To each his own. Now though if I want to look at tees, lingerie, jewelry etc I have to overhear a kid ask his dad what a dildo is. Not to mention the fact that much of the old awesome stuff has been fazed out.

At Hot Topic I was assaulted by the smallness, as always but this time more so. Boxes were crammed everywhere. It was like shopping at Aldi’s. The music was as loud as when you stand right next to a speaker connected to the sound system at a concert on the side of the stage. The cashiers were wearing nondescript (but at least still black) clothing and there were 5000 Justin Bieber shirts for sale. Now given it’s a sale, they can’t get rid of those but WHY THE FUCK DOES HOT TOPIC NOW STOCK BIEBER SHIT? I looked around, I’m old now, I don’t recognize all of the bands on the tees. The ones that I do recognize are the type of shitty, forgettable post-emo, post-goth, post-any type of style/sound bands that you see (and use as your excuse to grab another brew and hit the john) during Saturday Night Live. There a few cute bras, tutus and semi odd/fun clothing choices. But for the post part it was all baby looking shit. Don’t get me wrong, a pair of Domo slippers is awesome, a cupcake tee is awesome but two walls covered in pieces/accessories made entirely out of fake hair that I would have passed on at the age of 7 (for it being too babyish) is lame. Where’s the Lip Service? Where are the hot guys with six facial piercings, skateboard pants and fishnets shirts who snarl at you while they ring up your purchases? THAT was Hot Topic. This is wishy washy bullshit.

We don’t have any of the in between stores I enjoy such as Old Navy and Victoria’s Secret. I have to say this town just keeps getting worse and worse and I see no escape on the horizon.


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This post is for LAMB Acting School 101-Don Cheadle. The purpose was to write about Don Cheadle. I am definitely a fan of his. I do kind of feel like he’s so good that he’s one of those actors that we take for granted though. “Oh, Cheadle’s in this? He’ll be good in it (even if the movie isn’t). However he’s more of a dramatic actor and I am the chick who rewatches cheesy movies all the time so though I’ve seen a good deal of his work it was often only once. This means that I don’t feel qualified to make a best of list or something to that effect.

Instead I’ll talk about Don Cheadle in the first film that I took notice of him in and that is still my favorite, Boogie Nights. In Boogie Nights Cheadle plays porn star Buck Swope. Buck is a sweet, kind of naive guy. I feel like most of the characters in the business in this film are outcasts in other parts of their lives but really shine in porn.

Buck is also stereo salesman. He’d probably be an even better salesman if it weren’t for the fact that he loves country music.

“So long pardner”

His boss doesn’t dig this. He wants him to be the cool brother who’s down with the hip music. But Buck is not hip.

“The cowboy look ended about 6 years ago” “It’s coming back though”

Buck often works with Becky Barnett but he’s not really keen on her fashion/image advice.

“But doesn’t it make you nervous when you’re dealing with all of those evil forces?”

Buck does create a gimmicky image for himself but it’s not fulfilling…and it’s itchy.

“I love sunsets” “but sunrises are better”

Luckily he meets the delightful Jessie St. Vincent.

“Will you quit saying pornography?!”

Later Buck and Jessie try to start their own stereo business by getting a loan but are brutally rebuffed. Before he was hounded for not being black enough. Now he is vilified for being involved in the adult industry, even though this business wouldn’t be at all connected to it. Buck’s naivety really shows in this scene when he even says “You’re not being fair, this isn’t fair”. As we all eventually learn life isn’t fair. There are many times when it won’t matter if you’ve followed the rules because others often don’t. Plus perception is often more powerful than reality.

Buck happens to be in a donut shop when a robbery takes place. Everyone else ends up dead. In the past maybe a young Buck would have waited for the police (possibly been blamed) and they would have confiscated the cash. But not this time, he grabs the bag and leaves.

“come inside us”

Buck now has some dough and opens his dream business. With the help of his friends he shoots a commercial that only subtly references his past. Now he’s learned how to capitalize on acting like someone else to draw business. Hopefully he’s still himself on a regular basis though.

Screencaps are clickable to larger versions.

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In November while watching an episode of Gossip Girl entitled The Big Sleep No More I was captivated by Charlie’s dress. It’s this gold, sequin, embellished v-neck stunner. Gold isn’t a game changer for New Year’s. However I feel that this particular combo and specifically the cut of the dress (not an often unflattering tube like is always being marketed to us for parties) is what makes it so special. This particular dress is the Lorena Sarbu Resort 2012 Sequin Embellished Dress. The official site is here. However there isn’t any ordering info listed on it. If you want this particular dress I’d suggest calling them and inquiring about it. It’s probably also incredibly inexpensive in addition to being difficult to get.

So I’ve searched around and found some similar dresses below. If you need it for this weekend then I suggest only buying from a site that offers super fast shipping. Otherwise I suggest checking out large somewhat upscale department stores for a similar style. It’s difficult to find a dress with all of the above characteristics that doesn’t break the bank so I’ve also included a variety of dresses that only incorporate some of them.


NYE 1 by missemmamm featuring halter prom dresses


NYE 2 by missemmamm featuring sequin cocktail dresses

NYE 3-Embellished Dresses

NYE 3-Embellished Dresses by missemmamm featuring a drop waist dress

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