Super Links Plus: 12/28/11

“the cuddling’s your favorite part”
I have no idea how I missed this funny video that spoofs Ralph Macchio’s clean cut image when it was released last year during his stint on DWTS but I’m glad that I came across it.

Bounce That Dick by Jenna Marbles is hilarious and catchy.

Interview: Judy Greer on “The Descendants” & “Archer”-I’m so happy that Nathaniel R. interviewed Judy Greer. It seems like many people aren’t familiar with her work even though she’s so talented.

Heres the thing – Social Media!-Actor/chef Paul Mercurio (man did I ever have a huge crush on him growing up) writes about social media’s ability to both help us and hinder us when communicating. I’m not at all famous and I have still thought about the issues that he raises in the past.

Saturday Night’s Children: 2011 In Review-I love these recaps of the cast of SNL (even though we sometimes don’t share the same opinions).

Woody Allen’s First Stab at ‘Midnight in Paris’: A 1971 Short Story-I’m super enamored with Midnight in Paris so I loved this article about how Woody Allen was already toying with this idea in the 70s.

Interview with Tha Original Gata Monique Dupree-She is such a hard working woman and loves what she does.

Dita Von Teese: What I Wore-I love her style and here’s a rundown about a week’s worth of it straight from the pin up’s mouth.

The Star Market: Is Charlize Theron Mounting a Cruel Comeback?-This is both interesting and insane, “For a while, she didn’t even have an agent — just her former United Talent Agency manager, J.J. Harris”. That just doesn’t make any sense when someone is talented and has had so much professional success. Of course you have other great actors/super famous actors who can only get direct to DVD roles now so I guess it makes some sort of sense.

Dear Congress, It’s No Longer OK To Not Know How The Internet Works-This country is ridiculous. Oh and as someone who adores twitter, people should not be doing that shit at work, let alone when the fate of our country is in their thumbs.

Abby Elliott is in the new Maxim-I love that she was in the new Maxim. I do wish that they would use her more on SNL. I also wish they hadn’t photoshopped her face so much.

8 days of recipes: jelly donut cupcakes-These look pretty yummy.

Keck’s Exclusives: First Look: That ’70s Show Stars Back Together!-Wilmer Valderrama will be guest starring on Laura Prepon’s new sitcom Are You There, Cheslea?. I love that the cast still hangs out.

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