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Now I present you with the top 11 most popular posts of 2011 (based on pageviews). Plus a few thoughts on them.

1. Top Sex Comedies on Netflix Streaming-22,192 pageviews-this post accounts for almost 12% of my site’s total traffic over the last year.
2. Top Romantic Comedies on Netflix Streaming
3. Top Horror Movies on Netflix Streaming
4. Top Erotic Thrillers on Netflix Streaming
5. Top Gay Movies on Netflix Instant Streaming
6. Movie Quotes: Paul
7. Lady Porn Day: Sex Favorites
8. Top Action Movies On Netflix Streaming
9. Movie Quotes: The Green Hornet
10. Film Inspired Fashion: Cameron Diaz’s Shoes in Bad Teacher
11. An Interview With The Mother of Christian Kane’s Alleged Love Child

On the Netflix Posts
I am a big fan of Netflix’s streaming option. It pleases me that I’m able to help others find a film for them when they want to chill. During the Halloween season in 2010 I wrote my first Netflix post, Top Horror Movies on Netflix Streaming. Between that time and the spring of 2011 that post became pretty popular. I did a few more and they became very popular.

Then during the summer of 2011 Netflix made a bunch of decisions on the fly causing people to drop their subscriptions. The cause and effect was twofold. Yes, the traffic decreased to those posts but it also became more difficult for me to put them together as quickly. You see I’m not as familiar with films that were released prior to the 80s, when Netflix lost a bunch of content they did add content but much of it was older. So I couldn’t always just go through and find titles I’d seen. So it takes me a bit longer now but I also discover more films which is cool. I was also sort of bummed to be rejected for their affiliate program after I wrote in but hey, that’s not why I write them. I just thought that it’d be cool to be included.

Since the first few posts in that category I think that I’ve found a better visual style for them. I also try to update the posts as often as I can (without stopping me from creating new content). Plus I’m jazzed that so many people enjoy the post Top Gay Movies on Netflix Instant Streaming since it was part of the Queer Film Blogathon.

This year I will continue to periodically post new Netflix lists. In fact I currently have over 5 outlines started.

On Movie Quotes
Way back when (sometime in 2010) I wrote a couple of short movie quotes posts to submit to another content site. Both were rejected. So I posted them here. They became popular. The thing is I’ve always loved movie quotes. I didn’t realize as many people enjoyed them as I did. Now I often post movie quotes for flicks I find super funny, with an emphasis on newer films and Seth Rogen movies. That’s because I can cross post those over at my Seth Rogen column on Examiner.com.

My method? I rewatch the movie with a notepad and write the quotes out by hand. I also recommend that anyone in my home not watch the film with me that particular time since I will be rewinding like crazy to anally get everything as close as possible. Later I type it out, search for or screencap pics and put it all together.

On Film Inspired Fashion: Cameron Diaz’s Shoes in Bad Teacher
This was a labor of love. I adored Diaz’s wardrobe (and especially her shoes!) in the film. So I got a bit obsessive about it. I did submit it for the IFB Links A La Mode the week that I wrote it. I wasn’t surprised when it wasn’t chosen though as I wrote it when it wasn’t as relevant (after the theater release but before the DVD release). I do believe that’s how other fashion bloggers initially discovered it, which I appreciate. I have been meaning to add up to date choices to this post and hopefully will have time some time in the future.

On Lady Porn Day: Sex Favorites
I wrote this for the awesome Lady Porn Day event that took place over on RachelRabbitWhite.com. Most other bloggers focused on serious personal issues. Since that’s not my style I went the complete opposite way and did this fun post. I was late in posting this and it’s not included in the official list. Visitors have found it by searching for “lady porn” via Google.

On An Interview With The Mother of Christian Kane’s Alleged Love Child
I came across Jennifer Stoker via twitter (I’m a twitter addict) and just decided to ask her if she was interested, she was and that was that. This was one of those times that people (I’ve never met) have actively hated me online and I was okay with that. I did anticipate that.

I wrote it fairly and it was something totally new to me. I broke the story before anyone else had the nerve to (despite other sites being contacted about it). I wrote the post in April 2011 and 6 months later (October 2011) a visitor left a comment letting me know that their was a blurb about her story in Star Magazine. So yeah, how often does one end up scooping the Star? Pretty neat.

I actually wanted to do other interviews in 2011 but I feel like the year got away from me. Hopefully I can do a few this year. Most likely they won’t be as controversial but who knows.

Some Fun Stats
3,061 pages on missemmamm.com were viewed a total of 185,818 times in 2011. Those pages were viewed by 132,186 visitors in 176 countries/territories.

I find this awesome. No, it’s not a million hits a month but I’m happy with it. The first time I ever hit 1K in a day I screamed. Thus far I’ve created all of the content myself. Plus it’s just a hobby and I don’t live some interesting life. This blog is basically about things I’m so passionate about that I must share them.

Oh and even though I don’t seem to have a community of talkative people that I converse back and forth with (which I understand, I’m not the friendliest person) I appreciate everyone who visits. Just like I appreciated the 20 people who read my e-zine when I was in high school.

top 11 countries whose visitors stopped by missemmamm.com in 2011
1. US
2. Canada
3. UK
4. Australia
5. Italy
6. India
7. France
8. Germany
9. Philippines
10. Turkey
11. Indonesia

top 11 US states whose visitors stopped by missemmamm.com in 2011
1. California
2. Texas
3. New York
4. Florida
5. Pennsylvania
6. Illinois
7. Ohio
8. Georgia
9. Washington
10. North Carolina
11. Michigan

Your Opinion?What types of posts would you like to see in 2012?

What Netflix genres or genres within genres would you most like to see?

Do you enjoy the eye candy posts for women, such as Lady Porn Day: Sex Favorites and my Steamy Guys series? If so, is there anyone you’d like to see spotlighted that I haven’t “done” yet? (teehee)

I may go out on a limb (and possibly look like a douche canoe) by asking some artistic folks for interviews (most likely of the email variety). Is there anyone notable that you’d like me to try to contact? (moderately notable, not like Brad Pitt or something)

Are there any films that you’d like me to do a comprehensive fashion post on?

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