Introducing Mini Netflix

I want to let you guys know that next week I will be launching my series of Mini Netflix posts. These posts will be like the Netflix streaming series that you know and love but shorter. I love doing the Netflix posts but they present two problems, they take a long time and some categories lack sufficient titles.

I don’t have a specific number of titles that I force myself to include in each Netflix post because I don’t want to have to include something that I hate just to fill out the number. However in my head I think I’ve always thought “you want to include at least 8 movies”. Then when Netflix started losing a lot of newer, well known titles and replacing them with older films and indies that I haven’t seen I’ve thought “you want to include at least 6 movies”.

Sometimes I’d like to tell you about an actor or specific genre that I can’t find that many movies for and what happens is that I just trash the post and move on. In my Mini Netflix series I shall have posts that include as little as three films. This way you can still find out about awesome stuff to watch even if there isn’t much available related to it.

The other factor is time. It takes me quite a while to do a Netflix post because I’m such a perfectionist to myself. Ideally I’d love to do a full Netflix post every week but that’s not happening. So instead I’m going to set out to do a full Netflix post at least once a month and a Mini Netflix post every week. This may turn into a bi-weekly feature if I run out of time.

Mini Netflix starts next week. Please let me know if there is any type of movie or a favorite actor you’d like to see in the spotlight! Thanks.

Note: (original bassinet photo source: Pete Welsch)

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