5 Things to do Alone

aka 5 Non Sappy Things to do Alone on Valentine’s Day

Yes, that’s the original title. I decided to change the main title to make this post easier to find for people who are searching year round for some ideas for things to do alone.

The reason that I came up with this list is because of people like me. “Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean anything, it’s just to sell flowers, blah, blah, blah” is what you hear some say. Well whether or not that’s true doesn’t really matter because it’s so prevalent. So it’s bound to bother you. I mean there are a ton of silly holidays, like Talk Like a Pirate Day, but (unfortunately) people don’t really celebrate those (and I don’t get to see sexy pirates randomly walking around, boo!).

Usually I soak in moroseness on this holiday. A few years ago before I was a blogger I still blogged about my solo Valentine’s Day plans. Those were completely accurate BTW. So if I usually sit alone, drinking oversweet wine while crying over romantic dramas and generally acting pathetic I’m sure that some others do so too.

So I was thinking that I’d come up with some non-sappy things that one could do instead, if they were so inclined.

1. Watch a Non Lovey Dovey Reality Show

Reality TV



So instead of watching a sappy movie watch a reality show. I know most may say pick a horror flick but so many include a subplot in which two of the main characters end up riding into the sunset together. So instead go for a reality show, not a hooking up one (ala The Real World, Jersey Shore) but a competitive, contest oriented one. I would recommend The Rachel Zoe Project or America’s Top Model if you enjoy fashion. Face Off is great if horror movie makeup intrigues you. Dancing with the Stars is a favorite with many viewers.

2. Read a Book without a Romantic Subplot

Go for a non-fiction book in your area of interest to try to avoid romantic plot elements. I haven’t read the above but they are the type of thing I’d choose since I love movies and fashion.

3. Make Yourself a Delicious Dessert

Yummy Recipes



Yes, others are making their lovers breakfast in bed. Well fuck them. You can make yourself a delicious dessert instead, you deserve it. I’m feeling the above. A couple of the choices are even vegan.

4. Beautify Yourself

Night of Beauty

Usually I think of grooming as a necessary evil but sometimes I take time to try to enjoy it. You could do that today. Some ideas for giving yourself a little at home spa treat are to deep condition your hair, apply a face mask, clip and polish your nails, pluck your eyebrows, take a bubble bath or use a sugar scrub. When you get done apply some lotion.

5. Dance It Out

Dance with Netflix



You can shake off the doldrums by getting moving, in a fun manner. I listed all of the dance exercise videos on Netflix above. I haven’t tried any yet but if you don’t like it just move on to the next. Plus I chose a few other instructional videos and some exercise games. I have this Paula Abdul workout (on VHS, har har) and it’s fun. You could just crank up some tunes and dance freestyle if none of that grabs you.

So have a fun day alone y’all! Please share any more ideas that you may have by leaving a comment.

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