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I’ve recently decided to join Blogads. I think that Blogads will be a great way to further monetize my blog because they are easy for both myself (the publisher) and advertisers who are buying an ad, to use. Features that Blogads offer include the ability to choose your own prices, decide what ads you will accept, design your own media kit landing page and great customer service.

There are also great reasons that advertisers choose to buy ads using Blogads. they include matching advertisers with the blogs that will best suit their customers, a wide range of ad types and a do it yourself system. Blogads easily allows advertisers to order advertising in only three clicks.

To place your ad on visit my Blogads page here. I’m offering a great special this month. You can buy any ad size for 1/2 price for the first month. This means that you can get a full month of ad space using a button size ad for only $30 (regularly $60)! If you want the medium size ad space (only 1 is available per month) you can go here. With this sale you will only pay $2.50 per day or $75 for the month (regularly $150). If you are interested in our largest ad (again only one is available per month), go here. This ad will cost you only $105 for the first month (regularly $210). Use the special code first to get this deal. Wow!

To get an idea of the size of these ads I’ve included some for in the sizes available:

This is the 125X125 size button ad, 16 of these are available & you can post yours this month for only $30!

This is the 300X250 medium size ad that you can get this month for $75. Only 1 is available.

This is a 300X600 size ad. It's the largest size available. This month it's only $105. There is one available.

Aside from the last ad these were created by Brandi Weeks of Digital Art Corner and Crystalline Dreams. She’s a great artist so contact her if you need a banner created. is my pop culture blog which averages over 20,000 pageviews per month and is viewed in 170 countries. The highest concentration of my readers in the US are in California, Texas, New York, Florida and Pennsylvania. The average age of visitors to my site is 25-34.

I write about many topics, which are included by not limited to, film, fashion, music, books and food. I am ramping up my post quantity and I currently usually post between 4-6 new posts per week. If you are a small business owner (ex. etsty, eBay) or an artist who wants to sell their album, book or movie would be a great fit for you.

I am also steadily growing my traffic utilizing social media.
I have over 5000 twitter followers between 2 accounts-@missemmamm & @nyssasgh
Plus I have over 650 tumblr followers-between my 5 tumblr accounts but those numbers are growing every day, the main account (which includes links to the others) is

I also recommend that my fellow bloggers apply to join Blogads by going here.

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