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Mykul Lee is a folk rock musician from Los Angeles, California. He is multitalented and is skilled at singing as well as playing a ton of instruments, which include the guitar, piano, bass, organ and drums.

photo by Hadas

Mykul has a new album coming out on May 1, 2012 entitled Fortress. You can pre-order Fortress right now for $9.99 and you will receive a limited edition autographed poster as well (fantastic artwork on that BTW). I think that’s awesome. In addition to the immensely talented Mykul Lee the album also features the contributions of Max Coane, Jussi Karvinen, Elmo Lovano and Sergio Flores.

artwork by Shawn Harris

Fortress contains the following 10 tracks:
1. Crazy Like Me
2. Loving Arms
3. Wish You Were Mine
4. Fatal Attraction
5. The Way That You Move
6. Generation At War
7. Hello Beautiful
8. Just Like Old Times
9. Object Of My Heart
10. No One Like You

The songs on Fortress are what I’d describe as low key love letters. Mykul has a breathy voice that’s like a lover whispering in your ear. My favorite tunes from Fortress are Wish You Were Mine, Fatal Attraction, Hello Beautiful and Object of My Heart.

I urge you to listen to the tracks I’ve included in this post and the rest of the songs on Mykul’s Soundcloud page

missemmamm interviews Mykul Lee

photo by Kirsti Anna Urpa

Please check out this great interview (conducted online) with Mykul Lee (his answers are in bold):

When did you first start singing?
I started singing when I was young but didn’t understand the full concept until I was probably 15 or 16.. I started paying attention to the vocals in songs just as much as drums or guitar.. After awhile, I kinda found my own voice that inevitably was impressed upon me by my influences at the time.

What song of yours are you the most proud of?
There are a few songs on the first record that I am particularly found of because I was so young when I wrote them and I know I would write them differently today.. Other than that, i really like the vibe of my new record ‘Fortress.’ Favorite song: Fatal Attraction

What musicians inspire you?
Too many to name.. Ryan Adams, Elliot Smith, Iron and Wine, Sufjan Stevens, Gotye, Jose Gonzalez, Don McLean, Jim Croce, Neil Young.. My favorite 2 bands are weezer and iron maiden.

What are your favorite genres of songs to listen to?
Depends on the mood I guess..
In the morning it’s mostly singer songwriter stuff..
When we’re drinkin it’s old rock n roll or old metal..
When the mood is dark it’s Elliot Smith or Portishead or something like that

photo by Skyler Nielsen

What are your favorite guilty pleasure songs?
Most anything Kelly Clarkson.. Or Justin Timberlake. I love bone thugs n harmony.

What band would you like to tour with?
Fleet Foxes, iron and wine, Bon Iver, Ryan Adams

Where would you love to perform?
When I was a kid I was SO influenced by bands or artists I saw on Saturday night live. It would be a dream come true to play that show. I’ve toured a lot in bands and played some cool places but that would be amazing

What musician would you love to do a duet with?
Ryan Adams

What is the best advice that you’ve even been given?
Never trust a hippy

Other than music what are some of your hobbies?
art, photography, partyin!!

Check It Out:
Mykul Lee on Facebook
Buy Fortress by Mykul Lee
Mykul Lee on Soundcloud site
Interview with Mykul Lee on Seargent Sparrow

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  1. stephanie says:

    he reminds me of elliot smith!!! i love it!!!!!!!

  2. missemmamm says:

    awesome, thanks for stopping by

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