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Yes, technically the official NEDAwareness Week ended yesterday. However, I haven’t finished writing about this subject. I’m only one person, having been going through some other stuff in the past week and haven’t been able to blog twice daily (as I was hoping, to even out this serious stuff with my usual pop culture levity).

Plus, you know, I’ve started thinking of Sundays as being for playlists.

I think that my previous NEDA posts have been valuable for those who want to learn more or who are battling these same demons. However this post is probably most useful for people who actually have or have had an eating disorder.

Music is something that many of us use to soothe or wallow in when we are going through things. Personally I could probably whip up a depression playlist for you super fast. Yes, sometimes when you’re sad you may want to cheer yourself up with some light pop but at other times you need to actually feel your feelings. It can also make you feel less alone knowing that other people have similar problems. That’s where these types of playlists come in.

Until this week I was unfamiliar with most songs that actually deal with eating disorders. While I did curate these playlists I didn’t come up with these songs on my own. If you do a little research online you will find that many sufferers of eating disorders feel a kinship with them.

includes 8 tracks from Brianne Holland, Hole, Wale, The Used, The Greedy Sedgwicks, Eths, Nataly Dawn & Lunachicks

includes 9 tracks from Superchick, Richie Phillips, Kate Nash, Counting Crows, American Music Club, Syrano & more

includes 8 tracks from Lisa Loeb, Los Campesinos, The Antlers, Jimmy Robbins, Taking Back Sunday, Tallest Trees & more

includes 8 tracks by The Vinnys, Radiohead, Bethany Cox, Arsis, Sia & more.

includes 8 tracks by Lily Allen, Myah Marie, Hole, Sonic Youth, Angelspit & more.

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