missemmamm’s Top 5 Spring 2012 Fashion Trends

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Of course I had to share my favorite styles for this spring with you.

Drop Waist Dresses

1920′s inspired drop waist dresses have been back in a big way lately. I think it’s pretty great that they were also around in the 80s and 90s. So now you can buy a handful of them in a variety of styles. I chose some classic, some modern, a couple that are 80s influenced and the fun Bridget Fondaesque 90s pick in the middle.

Super Chunky

I believe these started coming back in a big way last fall but I couldn’t really get into them then because of the weather. Now I would love to bust out some fun, 90s style super chunky kicks. Any of these with a babydoll dress would be adorable. You could also amp up some of the more low key drop waist dresses above with a pair of these.

Just make sure that you can walk in the height that you choose. I know that I always think, the higher the better, but you don’t want to end up eating the sidewalk. In the 90s I saw a girl wearing those extremely high Japanese street style sneakers. While they were awesome she fell down repeatedly. It was bad, I was worried she’d break a leg.

Statement Barrettes

Yes, this is a “me thing”. Lately I’ve been spotting eye catching barrettes and actually buying them to jazz up my unruly do. They are just plain fun. The above cost a bit more than I’d usually spend but I find them at discount stores and department stores all of the time. Just keep your eyes peeled. Etsy would probably be a good place to search for one of a kind barrettes.

Maxi Caftans

Yep, I’ve really wanted to start collecting maxi caftans since I bought my first one by Rachel Zoe recently. It seems that caftans (or kaftans, if you prefer) were very popular in the 70s and then again in the 90s (especially dashikis). They are pretty timeless though.

Since it’s been unseasonably warm try to choose yours in a lighter fabric. Shorter caftans are probably more comfortable in the heat but I would feel like I’d just wandered away from a pool. Plus I don’t find them flattering to my legs as they seem to cut me off at an odd angle.

eBay and thrift stores are especially fun to scour for caftans.

Sky High Wedges

It’s no secret that I frickin’ love shoes. These days I’m even more excited by sky high wedges than the usual beachy suspects. These would definitely look hot with a maxi caftan as well as your go to warm weather gear. Make sure that if your caftan is super long that you don’t trip in these babies (umm, not that I’d ever do that).

What will you ladies be sporting this season?

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3 Responses to “missemmamm’s Top 5 Spring 2012 Fashion Trends”

  1. Sally says:

    I’m a fool for a chunky shoe!
    Sally recently posted..Sunday Shoes: Cap-toe Ballet Flats

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