3 Films by Sam Raimi

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This post is for Director’s Chair 25: Sam Raimi. Please watch the cool Raimi clips I’ve included as well for his perspective on his flicks.

Army of Darkness

Of course when I think of Sam Raimi the first thing that comes to mind are the Evil Dead series. I have a particular affinity for AOD. It was my introduction to the series. Of course it’s super funny. In case you live under a rock, AOD is about every man Ash (when I say every man I mean the super hot Bruce Campbell) who is transported back in time due to supernatural forces. Once there he must find his way back, bang a babe and defeat the forces of darkness. AOD is really the type of flick that you need to see to get. AMAZING!

Drag Me to Hell



When I first heard that Raimi was making Drag Me to Hell I was stoked. A gypsy curse, the gorgeous Alison Lohman and slapstick horror, what is not to like? Drag Me to Hell is about a young woman who is cursed to die for making a smart business decision during a day of work at a bank.

Drag Me to Hell can be seen as a straight forward horror flick with humor and it totally works. However you may also notice other types of subtext (particularly if you are a woman). If you want to know what I mean read this but not until after you watch it cuz it can really warp the movie for you beforehand. There was an amazing thread online a while back with women stating that they felt this way too but I can’t locate it. I also read a rebuttal from Raimi who said the film was straight forward and did not deal with that at all. However I think it’s pretty neat that people can “read” that into it like you would do with a song.

I find it quite impressive that Raimi was able to make a PG-13 horror film that doesn’t rely on sex or extreme gore to be scary (not that I don’t like those things but it’s difficult to do well).

The Quick and the Dead

I really do not have a good reason for liking this flick that I find so bad it’s good. I initially watched it during an obsessive Russell Crowe phase many years ago. In a typical (woot!) 90s Sharon Stone move she plays a ballsy chick in an odd circumstance. Stone is seeking revenge for her father’s death in this western. Gene Hackman plays the asshole who runs the town. Little Leo DiCaprio gives her perhaps his only performance that I find awful.

Crowe is reverend who has so much sexual tension with Stone that they should bang but don’t in the actual release. Of course I was shipping them so hard and found out that it was part of the flick but was deleted. Luckily it’s now online, see my Crowe post. Apparently Stone nixed it in an effort to not be typecast.

Though not a great movie I think that it’s important for filmmakers to try as many genres as they are passionate about.

More Raimi Goodness:
Sam Raimi Tortures His Actors for Your Amusement

In 2013 Raimi will be releasing Oz: The Great and Powerful starring Mila Kunis, James Franco and Rachel Weisz. My guess is that it will either be amazing or amazingly bad (in a good way). & yes, Ted’s in it! More info from Weisz can be found here.

The Quick and the Dead: The Unofficial Movie Page-from someone who was in the film.

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