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Just because someone is imperfect doesn’t mean that their life isn’t worth living.

I don't want to live in a world that in any way resembles the movie Gattaca.

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I’m going with a very simple message here. Autism Speaks was founded to eradicate autism so DO NOT support them. Autism is not a disease or a virus (so yeah, Jenny McCarthy, it’s not polio). Their research was based on finding an autism gene so that anyone who could be anywhere on the spectrum could be aborted prior to birth. Some people think this is way of looking at it is overkill. Some people balk at the inference that Autism Speaks is about eugenics. However if you look at what happened to the population of individuals with Down syndrome since they were able to find out their genetic makeup then you may see where I’m coming from. In the US it’s estimated that currently 87-98% of fetuses with Down syndrome are aborted. This isn’t so they can find some magical “cure”, inject your child with a needle and make them “normal”. That ain’t happen’. Kay?

After Autism Speaks had been around for a while some started asking how this was going to help their autistic children when Autism Speaks still hadn’t found a cure so they started to allot a small amount of their dough to children, about 4%.

(source of both the graph and the compiled data)

So what can you do this month?

Well it’s what you shouldn’t do.

Do not donate any money to Autism Speaks. Don’t fall for the celebs spouting rhetoric and don’t contribute to them via any of the following companies who are actively asking for contributions during this “Autism Awareness Month”. I am a realist. I am not expecting you to boycott them (unless that’s the only option). Just don’t buy whatever it is that they are selling that would directly benefit Autism Speaks.

Build-A-Bear Workshop
runs through June 30, 2012
They will ask you if you want to donate $1 or more at the register. In Canada they will try to sell you a purple satin ribbon for the same purpose.

through April 30, 2012
They will be donating 10% of the final purchase price of any product tagged “autism” (according to this article, so untag your products now!) or “autismawareness2012” according to the site. 50% of the donations will go to Autism Speaks while the other 50 will go to another autism charity chosen by the CafePress Community.

Fashion Bug’s “Spare Change Makes a Difference” Campaign
runs through April 7, 2012
They will ask you to round up your purchase at the register, with the change going to Autism Speaks.

FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers
through December 31, 2012
The company will donate $1 to Autism Speaks for every Light It Up Blue diaper that is sold.
has raised over $13,000 for Autism Speaks in the past

Gaylord Hotels
through April 30, 2012
10% of the purchase of any “Rooms for Good” package will go to Autism Speaks.

The Home Depot
through April 30, 2012
They are selling selling “Light It Up Blue” Coleman LED lanterns and blue light bulbs. A $1 from the $1.65 bulbs or $2 from the $19.88 lanterns will go to Autism Speaks (donations cap off at $160,000).

Lindt (chocolate)
through April 8th, 2012
If you buy a Lindt Gold Bunny .10 will be donated to Autism Speaks, $2 from a pre-filled Easter basket from Lindt, $1 if you send an Easter e-card, $10 if you repin from their Pin4Autism board on Pinterest (I know you guys love Pinterest, don’t accidentally do this cuz it’s a bunny or chocolate!) or $25 if you create a pin for them

ShopRite (grocery)
through April 7, 2012
You will be asked to donate $1 or $5 at the register.

Square Shooters Game
through April 30, 2012
Simply liking the Facebook page for this game means that the company will donate $1 to Autism Speaks. ($3,500 cap)

Toys “R” Us/Babies “R” Us
They will give you a shopping bag designed by autistic artist James Hogarth if you donate $10 or more.
has raised over $12 million for Autism Speaks in the past

Walmart is selling an ICE Block Cooler with a blue light inside for “Light It Up Blue”. I can’t currently find out how much of this money will go to Autism Speaks but “Light It Up Blue” is for them.

This list is not comprehensive. Feel free to leave info on any other places we should avoid donating at in the comments.

(Autism Speaks’ fear mongering)

a great project by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network

I am not saying that the companies who are participating in this are bad companies.

Some may be misinformed. I was. I didn’t know what autism was AT ALL…aside from the terribly negative, stereotypical videos and interviews perpetuated by Autism Speaks until last year. I also didn’t know anything at all about the goal of Autism Speaks. If you had mentioned fundraising for them a couple of years ago I probably would have thought that it would “help the children”.

In fact you are contributing money to them so they can cut open dead childrens’ brains to extract genetic information that may eventually lead to many people being aborted seemingly without a second thought, if the Down syndrome effect happens. This is why people have made Hitler comparisons. Some say that’s ridiculous. Sorry but he is the most famous person who tried to enforce his own ideas of who should and shouldn’t be allowed to live. In fact it’s even closer to that. The doctor Hans Asperger, who discovered Asperger’s Syndrome (on the autism spectrum), was actually doing his studies during The Third Reich. It’s believed that he was able to save some of his subjects from extermination under Hitler by altering reports on them.

The point, again, is that you should not donate money to a company that could eventually lead to the extermination of an entire subsection of individuals.

Don’t forget to check out the countering Autism Acceptance Movement by actual, real people with autism.

Now read and actually inform yourself if you want to learn from people with autism or about this type of eugenics
(Not: These are simply links that I recommend, I’m not implying that any of these people agree with anything that I’ve stated in this piece.)
Dear well-meaning strangers
There’s so much work to be done, and we’re lighting up
Why I am against Autism Speaks
The Loud Hands Project
Autism Awareness is Not Enough: Here’s How to Change the World
The Upside of Autism
Why Does Termination of Children with Down syndrome Affect us so deeply?
Autism research focuses on early intervention
Autism and Eugenics
Possible Pre-Natal Screening Test for Autism Sparks Eugenics Debate in UK
Down Syndrome screening and the revival of eugenics
Jon Will’s gift-about a man with Down syndrome and his family

Note: I am not against abortion in general. I am pro-choice. However I am against just willy nilly aborting every fetus determined imperfect in some way.

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