Just Because: That French Pop Art Target Ad

I need to talk about my love for that newish Target ad. Well semi new, augmented versions of it having been airing for a couple of months. (I don’t think I’ve seen the entire thing at once on TV.) I freaking love it. I literally smile and turn to the TV when it comes on. “Color Changes Everything” seems to be the official title of this spring ad campaign. It feels like a marriage between a 60s French film and an American pop art piece, also from the 60s.

Unfortunately, from what I’ve read the agency that did the hot air balloon ad, Wieden+Kennedy, is no longer producing ads for Target. The song featured in this commercial is Alouette sang by The Delta Rhythm Boys.

The bottom line is that it rocks and you should give it your full attention for a minute if you’d like to smile.

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