Hot Donna’s Top 5 Season 2 Angel Episodes

This post was written by contributor Hot Donna. I added the screencaps for fun.

2-8 The Shroud of Rahmon
Angel must impersonate a Jersey style gangster while on a mission to recover a mind-altering shroud.

2-17 Disharmony
Harmony arrives in L.A. to visit her old besty Cordelia. As they rehash over old times, Cordelia slowly, very slowly, discovers that Harmony is no longer of the living.

2-20 Over the Rainbow

2-21 Through the Looking Glass

2-22 There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb
In this 3 episode continuation the gang heads to Pylea (Lorne’s home dimension) to rescue Princess Cordelia. Need I say more? Okay I will. Angel has wacky demon side effects in this dimension and the gang finds a new member. Lorne’s back story is told.

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