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Yes, Hot Donna and I did it up in Atlantic City. So here’s a short video I shot while we were there and she was getting us breakfast.

I have also included this video featuring the Stefon character that I’m imitating above, from Saturday Night Live, in case you are not a huge fan like me and don’t know who I’m referring to.

Note: We did pay for our stay at Bally’s.
We were comped the tickets to Providence. Just fill out the form on their site to get on the VIP guest list.

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Missoni for Target Hat-Target, Vogue Sunglasses-Affordable Optics, American Living Top-JCPenney, Skirt with Belt-Dots, wedges-Burlington Coat Factory

Not long ago Hot Donna was visiting so I talked her into an OOTD shoot. There isn’t a story. We just had fun and laughed a lot. Yes, she is borrowing my hat because she loves and wants to steal it, lol. Enjoy!

Get The Look

In the Garden
In the Garden by missemmamm featuring a floppy felt hat

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This post brought to you by ├ęclos Skin Care. All opinions are 100% mine.


I've tried éclos Skin Care in the past and I must tell you why I recommend it. It's very gentle on your skin but still gets the job done. I have very delicate skin and am allergic to a lot of lines out there but I was able to use the éclos kit without worrying. 

The éclos line features Apple Stem Cells that have been extracted from a rare Swiss apple. They  have shown tremendous ability to stimulate skin stem cells, encouraging aging skin to behave like younger skin. While I'm not that old yet it's never too early to try to keep your skin looking and feeling young.

éclos products include vitamins, plant extracts and anti-oxidants. When you combine those with the Apple Stem Cell technology it can really help minimize the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and tired skin. Though youngish I do sometimes have tired looking skin. So that's definitely a concern of mine.

Each kit includes one of each of the following:
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-Restorative Eye Cream
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-éclos Terry Cloth Head Band

Some products are used as often as twice daily while others are used in a lesser amount. When I used them I really felt like I was doing something healthy for my skin and neck. My favorite items in the kit are the  Instant Radiance Facial Scrub, the Skin Renewal Clay Mask and the Restorative Eye Cream. I feel that the eye cream really helps with dark circles.

Unlike those high end facial products from department stores éclos brings you an amazing line of products at a great price, which means that all of us can try it, not just the privileged. éclos products can be purchased either in store or online at various stores including Ulta Beauty, Rite Aid, Walgreens, GNC, Target,, and Amazon.

Don't wait, try éclos today!


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“Is this your first trip…well don’t worry things hardly ever fuck up around here”

4 out of 5 stars

“No wonder you’re having nightmares, you’re always watching the news”

This post is for the LAMB Acting School 101: Arnold Schwarzenegger. When I thought of Arnold Total Recall instantly came to mind. The remake starring Colin Farrell is being released in August so it’s fresh in my mind. My sister remarked, “well what sucks is that we already know the ending”.

That’s when I realized that I hadn’t watched the film in years. In fact when I dug out my VHS (yes, I still buy them at the flea market sometimes, that’s me with the quarters, jealous?) I wasn’t sure I’d ever watched the entire movie all of the way through. I was young when it came out, with a short attention span. I’m now pretty sure I’d only watched 20 minutes of it here and there before a commercial came on some cable station and I said fuck it.

While my sister has probably seen every Schwarzenegger flick a half dozen times over I’m not as familiar with his ouvrir. So, I thought, why not give the original a spin?

“…you ever fuck a mutant…”

“…I have to hand it to you, that’s the best mind fuck yet”

The consensus? I totally dug it. I realized when I saw Paul Verhoeven’s name show up on screen and what could be considered completely unnecessary cursing that this is a flick for me. In case you are unaware, Verhoeven is also the visionary director behind my all time favorite movie Showgirls. BTW-The amazing Dan O’Bannon was a writer on the film.

If you haven’t seen Total Recall let’s put it this way, it’s set in one of my favorite sci-fi genres, the paleofuturistic style flick (meaning an envisioned future that never came to pass). Plus it’s dystopian, you really can’t beat that combo.

Arnie is a construction worker with a beautiful wife (Sharon Stone) and the ammenities of modern life. However he feels strongly drawn to Mars. You see in this future Mars has been colonized. However on Earth people don’t really know what is going down there. They just know that it’s considered dangerous.

At the same time Earth’s inhabitants are bombarded with ads from a company called Rekall. Rekall will implant a memory in your mind. This way you can take an awesome trip and really feel like you went there for less than the price of the actual trip. Plus there’s supposedly a lot less risk involved, except you know, they are fucking with your brain.

Arnie mentions his desire to visit Rekall to a friend who tries to warn him that it’s a bad idea. You could get lebotomized or something. At Rekall they try to talk him into a stress free trip but his heart is set on Mars. He dreams of Mars. He feels like he’s already been there.

His memory implant involves being a secret agent and dating a brunette (his wife is blonde, he needs the variety). So when everything seemingly goes to shit and they can’t implant him because the techs say he’s been wiped before you’re never really sure what’s around the corner, just like Arnie.

As they tell him, if that’s the fantasy you asked for then what’s the chance that’s your real life and this mission to help the mutants of Mars is true?

So what is the outcome?

Watch and find out.

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This post is for the 2012 Queer Film Blogathon. This is also the first entry in hopefully what will become a recurring topic, my all time favorite movies.

“An artist should create beautiful things, but should put nothing of his own life into them.”Oscar Wilde
(I first heard this quote in the film)

I thought about just writing a movie review of the film but that seemed impossible. It’s not like I’ve only seen this film once or even a dozen times. There is no way that I could count how many times I’ve seen it and it means so much to me. There was a time (I call in 11th grade) that was particularly bad so I chose one favorite movie every month and watched it every day because it somehow helped me. One of those was Velvet Goldmine. In fact, it would only be slightly dramatic to say that this film helped keep me alive in high school. I say this because for me high school was like prison, which is when the VHS was first released.


Well Velvet Goldmine is an amazing movie. The fact is that it pulls from so many amazing sources that once my fascination with the movie was in full swing I was able (via newsgroups, totally showing my age) to find out about all of influences that went into the movie. Many of these were by my now favorite writer, Oscar Wilde. Yes, I bought a paperback copy of the collected works of Oscar Wilde, fell for his words and carried it with me for the remainder of high school, rereading whatever was my fancy that day. This was quite lucky for me as when we did get to a play by Oscar Wilde in one of my academic English classes the teacher skipped the entire section it was in and when I asked why I was told that the teacher didn’t enjoy “those writers”.

What else did Velvet Goldmine introduce me to? Well of course, the magic of glam rock. You don’t know how many times listening to David Bowie and Iggy Pop have gotten me through a tough time.

It could be said that I love the film so much because it introduced me to so many wonderful artists, because it helped teach me that I am not the only woman who gets turned on by guy/guy action (or slash if you like fanfic, and yes, I did used to read my fair share), that sexuality is fluid or the theory that I was ostracized so I felt that I fit right in with these characters. Yes, one year I dressed as a glam rock star for Halloween (in high school, I know). This means that I wore shiny pants and a fairly ugly orange and yellow striped sweater with huge boots and no one knew what I was.

The fact is that it’s simply an amazing movie. Years later I would visit New York City and become even more impressed when I picked up Velvet Goldmine creator Christine Vachon’s Shooting to Kill at the now defunct Biography Bookshop and found out how little money it was produced on and despite that fact it looks amazing.

So finally let’s forget about me and talk about this aFUCKINGmazing movie! Velvet Goldmine is basically an homage to the Iggy Pop/David Bowie/Mick Jagger bisexual glam rock days. In the film a former fan but now writer gets to track down all of the people involved in the superstar, BRIAN SLADE‘s, life. What happened to him everyone wants to know? He went out on top. He faked his own death. Did he really die or who is he now? This is basically about how Bowie later distanced himself from his Ziggy Stardust past and went mainstream with Let’s Dance in the ’80s.

I don’t feel the need to tell you about the entire film because you need to experience it.

Instead here are some beautiful screencaps from a movie that saved and influenced my life many times over. Right click and then choose “view image” for the full sized photos which you can use as amazing backgrounds for your computers.

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