Hot Donna’s Top 5 Season 3 Angel Episodes

3-8 Quickening
After learning of Darla’s vampire pregnancy Angel must find out anything and everything he can about their unborn child. Meanwhile he must protect his friends from said mommy to be’s insatiable thirst. Holtz continues to plot his revenge. Plus a vampire cult begins circling Darla in wait of the birth of her prophesized child.

3-11 Birthday
Cordelia has a mind blowing vision and goes into a coma/astral plane. While there she meets a demon guide named Skip who was sent to her by “the powers that be”, offering up two choices. Her choices? She can have one last fatal vision or live out her destiny as a famous actress. In this latter alternate universe due to Cordelia’s absence Angel has inherited Doyle’s visions which have driven him mad. In the end she must make one last life altering choice.

3-13 Waiting in the Wings
Angel plans a night out at the ballet for he and his friends. The only problem is that this ballet happens to have had a cursed placed upon it making the cast repeat the same show over and over and over… Things heat up between Angel and Cordelia as they act out a love story between two star crossed actors. Fred finds romance with an unlikely coworker. Uncle Lorne spends time with baby Connor. Lastly an unexpected visitor reveals himself.

3-19 The Price
Cordelia uses her own approach to help Angel work through his issues of losing his son and close friend while Angel and his friends try to clean up the mayhem of using dark forces to try to bring back baby Conner. Sluglike demons infest the hotel as a result of turning Sahjhan corporeal and infect poor Fred. Cordelia saves the day as she discovers that she has inherited brilliant new powers from her new demon half. A portal opens up in the hotel releasing a huge otherworldly demon and its would be slayer.

3-22 Tomorrow
During the season finale Angel tries to get closer to his son, not knowing that Connor is planning his revenge against him. When the gang attempts to introduce Connor into a world that doesn’t happen to be a demon hell dimension they are thwarted by Wolfram and Hart. Lilah continues inserting herself into a disturbed Wesley’s life. The Groosalugg further realizes the bond that Angel shares with Cordelia that he does not. Cordelia plans a romantic evening with Angel to express her true feelings but unseen forces get in the way of their happiness.

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