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I am super excited to have had the opportunity to interview the super hilarious, talented writer The Bloggess, aka Jenny Lawson. Jenny recently released her first book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: (A Mostly True Memoir). After the book’s release on April 17, 2012 it soon rose to the number 1 spot on the New York Times Best Seller List.

However many of us have been fans for quite sometime. In early 2010 an online friend let me know that you could receive free sex toys and lingerie from the site EdenFantasys provided that you review the products for them. Enclosed in my first package was the official EdensFantasy magazine Sexis, which included a hilarious article by TheBloggess.

I immediately had to visit her blog, TheBloggess.com. I soon found out that she was not only immensely entertaining but boldly honest and compassionate. I was officially hooked.

Yes, I bought it the day it came out!

Of course I found her book to be amazing. I greatly appreciate her taking the time to answer the following questions about Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.

There are times in your book that you mention writing a second book? Would it be more of the same types of stories or drastically different?
I’m working on my second book right now. Same tone but a little more focused on mental illness.

What is your favorite spy movie?
La Femme Nikita

Do you now drink bottled water (having grown up with contaminated tap water)?
I drink a lot of booze, actually. It purifies everything.

You mentioned that raccoons seem to have OCD, do you think that many other types of animals also have mental health issues?
Every pet is completely insane. That’s why we love them so much.

Do you plan on writing more in depth about your anxiety issues in the future?
In book two it’ll be covered a lot more, I think.

Did you ever contact anyone interesting with your Ouija board? Did you ever use it alone?
I tried to use it but it didn’t work the way I expected. No doors to Hell opened. At least none that weren’t open before.

How does your husband Victor feel about his initial characterization as a badly dressed Doogie Howser?
I’m not entirely sure that he’s even read the book yet.

Do you feel that therapy actually helped you with your eating disorder or do you think it was more the acceptance of your new beau at the time?
Therapy helped a lot. I realized I was trying to control my eating because I felt out of control about everything else in my life. It helped me take control of the rest of my life.

What is your favorite item on the Dairy Queen menu?
The peanut buster parfait, although I’m lactose intolerant so I can’t have more than a spoonful.

Which antidepressant made you suicidal?

Does Xanax also make you hungry?
Nope. Just sleepy. (missemmamm’s note: I asked because it does this to me. It also makes me sleepy.)

Do you always read the book prior to seeing the film adaptation?
I try to to. The book is almost always better.

Which one book would you want to have with you to reread in a post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland?
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

What book(s) are you currently reading?
The Miniatre Wife and Other Stories

What is your favorite wine?
Chambord. Does that count as a wine? Because it should.

(Her answers are in bold. This interview was conducted via email. I have not edited her answers.)

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Photos are from entries on TheBloggess.com, here and here.

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