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Now let’s have this sink in folks. I know that we miss Sex and the City. I even loved both movies, which isn’t the general consensus out there. When I first heard about the prequel books I was weary. Since then I’ve read the first, The Carrie Diaries, and ended up totally into it.

I don’t read high school books but once she gets into wanting to be a writer and having a love of odd fashion I completely identified with her. I haven’t gotten around to reading the second book, Summer in the City, yet but I definitely plan to.

When I heard about the show I wasn’t super jazzed. Would the girl that they chose to play Carrie be super preppy? Would it be anything like the book? Luckily the answers to those questions are answered by the following trailer, no and yes.

My initial thoughts after having just viewed that are the following: I do like how the beginning of the trailer seems faithful to the book.

SPOILER FOLLOWING (if you haven’t read the first book)

However it’s missing Samantha! What the fuck? Now I know that she’s introduced at the end of the book but it seems like they have replaced her entirely with this other older, together woman, Larissa. Arggh, you can’t replace Samantha, ya just can’t!

I’m still looking forward to the show though. I hope that it is on for at least a couple of seasons and has time to find its voice and audience.

The Carrie Diaries will premiere on The CW in January of 2013.

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