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So as I was covering the Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con last summer I decided to look for some interesting, original topics to cover. When I spotted these two fellows, Joe Centner and Sean Gitter, I was intrigued. They have their own original, short animated series that you can watch online. Their show Sean and Such is about two best friends who are employees at a pet store.

Plus I’m not gonna lie, the fact that Joe was cute didn’t hurt my stopping at their table to check things out. They were totally awesome to both Hot Donna and myself. So please check out my signed photo from them above and my interview with them below. Plus I’ve also included the first episode of their series so you can get a taste of it. It reminds me of Clerks, which, if you know me is definitely high praise.


+episode 9, which just may be my favorite
“Dude you act like these turtle pies fucked your girlfriend” “Not exactly”

Sean and Such on the net:
Sean and Such.com
Sean and Such episodes on the official site
official 8BitGoldFish YouTube
Sean and Such Facebook
8BitGoldfish twitter

A press pass to the convention was provided to me gratis from the awesome PR team at Wizard World.

For more info on upcoming Wizard World conventions please visit the Wizard World site.

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