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To enter, simply hit the like button for this blog’s Facebook page, below.

Then leave a comment simply stating Pike and your Facebook username, for instance, I would comment, Pike Emma Moon. I do think that this is fairly simple but people aren’t fond of my commenting system so this giveaway will be going on for the next two weeks, until November 13, 2012 at 7PM ET. It is only open to US residents.


Happy Halloween! Okay, technically Halloween’s tomorrow but I’m starting this giveaway today dagnabbit! Plus with Hurricane Sandy, Frankentstorm, or whatever the fuck you want to call it, I feel like we’ve lost Halloween day. It feels like Christmas already. Ah, global warming.

Anyway, I was a huge fan of Christopher Pike as a pre-teen. I devoured all of his books. My absolutely favorites that I continued to re-read over the years are his installments of the ongoing adventures of the vampire Sita/Alisa, The Last Vampire series. Sita is both bloodthirsty and loving. A few years ago the original books were compiled and re-released with new covers as the Thirst series, no doubt to capitalize on the vampire craze that’s been going on for a while.

Then something truly magical happened, in 2010 a full 16 years after the release of the first book we were treated to a new Sita adventure. Since then there has been yet another new book and the next is being released in 2013.

While shopping not long ago I was able to pick up extra copies of a couple of the books at a great price. These are brand new and unread. However there is price sticker residue left on the back covers of both books and a bit on the front on one because I couldn’t completely remove it. There is also a Sharpie smudge on the edge of Thirst No. 3. These books are not returnable to any store. They are to be enjoyed.

I am giving away Thirst No. 2, which is a compilation of the original books from 1996, 4. Phantom, 5. Evil Thirst and 6. Creatures of Forever. Plus the winner will receive Thirst No. 3, The Eternal Dawn. Thirst No. 3 can also be considered book 7 in the series. It was the first new book, which was released in 2010. For more on specific plots, check out the series’ Wikipedia page.

Christopher Pike Facebook

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shot by RealTVFilms, showed up that weekend on an ABC affiliate news site, neat!

Over the summer I had the opportunity to attend the Philadelphia Wizard World Comic Con as press along with my sister and fellow writer, Hot Donna. While there we had so much fun and were able to learn more about our favorite films as well as being introduced to new films, such as Huff.

Huff is an independent horror movie that offers a new take on the old tale of The Three Little Pigs. It’s about a cash strapped, abusive stepfather (Charlie O’Connell) with three teen daughters. When he gets involved with a drug deal things go from bad to worse. Unfortunately we were unable to catch the screening of the film that was held at the con because we were in Atlantic City that night but I’m definitely looking forward to viewing it when it’s released. According to the official Facebook page the current estimated release date is April 5, 2013.

At Wizard World the team involved in the filming of the flick were on hand to give everyone a scoop on the picture. Charlie O’Connell (Sliders, Dude, Where’s My Car?) was even posing for photos and signing autographs for free.

We were fortunate enough to meet Charlie as well as producer Terry James, in addition to interviewing Elina Madison (1000 Ways to Die). Elina plays Lorelei in Huff. Please enjoy the following interview with her.

Elina Madison will next be seen in Creep Creepersin’s Dracula. Charlie O’Connell will next be seen on the new TV series Zombie Family. Terry James’ next endeavors are as a stunt coordinator for The Last Duane and a stunt driver in Feed the Dog.

Huff on the Net
Huff Site
Huff Soundtrack on iTunes
Huff Facebook
Huff twitter
Elina Madison on twitter
Charlie O’Connell on twitter

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Press Passes to the convention were provided to us gratis from the awesome PR team at Wizard World.

For more info on upcoming Wizard World conventions please visit the Wizard World site.


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“Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?”Indiana Jones

There may be things that I have in common with both Indiana Jones and my mother (for instance, our love of hats), but an innate fear of snakes isn’t one of them.

totally safe if you were a pre-teen in the 90s

A few months ago my now fiance and I went to spend the day at the mall. We arrived early and as we were waiting outside a small trailer showed up that said something to the effect of wild reptile show. I commented on how cool/odd this was to him but I just assumed this person was stopping by the mall to buy something.

I was wrong, once the doors were unlocked we were treated to a display of snakes, a baby crocodile, gecko, etc. directly in front of Burlington Coat Factory. How wild! I totally took a ton of time snapping pics of these awesome animals. It’s not every day that I see a baby crocodile…or a gecko that’s not trying to sell me insurance.

Of course they were in cases and there wasn’t any type of danger present but I find it interesting that they fascinate me so. Plus as an incredible worry wart these types of animals don’t really frighten me (uh, much). For instance I used to see a guy who owned a couple of deadly snakes that sometimes got loose in his home (that did scare my mother when I told her). Plus as a kid I requested the $5 from my dad to wear a snake around my neck and receive a polaroid of it at a very small circus (as seen above).

So without further ado, please enjoy this short video and photos of some neat reptiles. They are not labeled as I don’t know their specific names. If you are a reptile expert or hobbyist please feel free to leave a comment letting me know what they are actually called. (The cases were labeled but I didn’t snap photos of those, whoops!)

P.S. Photo quality differs on some of the photos because I starting snapping pics with my phone prior to realizing that I had brought my digital camera with me that day (which I then switched to).

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Guess what? One of the most innovative makeup lines out there, Lime Crime, is releasing a new set of eyeliners, Rhyme & Reason. They are gold and silver. I’m a big fan of LC & have purchased their makeup in the past. If you are familiar with Lime Crime then you may know that due to the high quality of their products and the fact that it’s a small business their products don’t come cheap.

That’s why I want to let you guys in on this, a rare flash sale from Lime Crime. Rhyme & Reason are currently on sale only until Tuesday, October 23, 2012 at 3PM Eastern Standard Time (or noon PST). You get both eyeliners for only $20! The limit is two sets per customer. After that not only will they not be on sale but they won’t even be available for purchase until the holidays. Then you will have to buy them individually.

Click here to order these new, fun eyeliners today!

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This post brought to you by CENTURY 21. All opinions are 100% mine.


You've probably heard of the well known Century 21 Department Store. Well guess what? Right now you can enter the Empire Hotel sweepstakes to win a $500 C21 wardrobe makeover and a two night stay at the Empire Hotel in New York City, NY.

Stacy Keibler 2.JPG (2 documents, 2 total pages)

Century 21 has been a shopping mecca for over 50 years. Celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Olivia Palermo, Stacy Keibler and Lindsay Lohan have been spotted there.

Plus they feature major brands including Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani, See by Chloe, Valentino, Ferre, Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, Giorgio Armani kids, Armand Basi, Faconable jeans, Oscar de la Renta, Malo, Guess, Lucky, DKNY, Calvin Klein and Columbia. However you can get these items for a great price because they are all up to 65% off retail 100% of the time.

Century 21 has two Manhattan locations, Lincoln Square (1972 Broadway) and Downtown (22 Cortlandt Street), how convenient! The Downtown Manhattan location even has 150,000 square feet of shopping. For those of us who don't get to frequent NYC often you can visit isit the C21 website ( to find the same top brands for the same awesome prices.

I just signed up for the C21 site and found these fab mod inspired styles from Patrizia Luca that are currently available. I totally dig them. Plus they are 43-50% off! I recommend that you sign up today as well.

Century 21 seems like a very fun store packed full of great merchandise. I haven't been there before but would definitely check it out during an NYC vacation.

Don't forget to share any stories that you have about shopping at C21!

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