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This post brought to you by Hpnotiq. All opinions are 100% mine.


By now if you haven't heard about Hpnotiq then it's about dang time. Hpnotiq has an incredibly fun new site called Primp & Prep that can get you ready for your girl's night out on the town.


This slammin' site is full of fun topics to check out before you step out. Need help with tonight's look? The Beauty and Fashion sections include posts about how to achieve your favorite celebrity's makeup look or shoes (you know how much I love shoes)! Need help picking up a guy? That info is here too!  Does celebrity gossip amuse you? Check out stories on celebs including the cast of Twilight. Need a laugh? The LOL section will have you set.



Some other key parts of the site? The cocktail recipes and tunes, but of course. I think that the next one I would like to try is a HPNO-Rita. It is a mix of 2 ounces of Hpnotiq, 1 ounce of premium white tequila and a splash of pineapple or lime juice. Just shake those ingredients and then pour them over ice in a glass that you have rimmed with salt. Add a lime wheel for effect.

One of my favorite parts of the site, aside from the recipes of course is the Hpnotiq Harmonies radio station. It plays awesome songs that really make you want to get out there and dance with your hair down music up!

Don't forget: You must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages and as always, please remember to drink responsibly.

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straw cowgirl hat-Kmart, wooden bead necklace-gift from a friend, Converse plaid babydoll dress-thrifted, Hush Puppies denim & silver sandals-gift from a friend

A couple of weeks ago we had an unusually warm day so when we went out to eat I was able to wear this super cute Converse babydoll dress that I haven’t worn nearly enough. I was feeling happy and silly cuz my man was wearing his new Santa hat so I topped it off with a cowgirl hat that I bought at Kmart in 2011. I added a necklace and shoes and voila, a fun day!

How cute is he, really? Super, ah.

Get the Look

Grunge Cowgirl
Grunge Cowgirl by missemmamm featuring beaded jewelry

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“Regrets are ridiculous, so I don’t regret, no.”Nicole Kidman

This post is for LAMB Acting School 101: Nicole Kidman. When I was young I didn’t appreciate what an amazing actress Kidman was. Then she split from Tom Cruise and starred in Moulin Rouge and I was sold. So instead of focusing on three of her best roles, as I usually do, I could only trim it down to six.

To Die For (1995)

“You’re not anybody in America unless you’re on TV. On TV is where we learn about who we really are. Because what’s the point of doing anything worthwhile if nobody’s watching? And if people are watching, it makes you a better person.”

In To Die For Kidman plays a small town ice princess named Suzanne who dreams of being the next Jane Pauley. The problem is that she marries the delicious Matt Dillon. When he becomes intent on settling down she gets her teen friends (including a super hot, super young Joaquin Phoenix) to assist her in planning his murder. In this film she plays the type of sociopathic character that shouldn’t be relate able in the least but Kidman’s determination really sells it.

Practical Magic (1998)

“What wouldn’t I do… for the right guy?”

Practical Magic is based on one of Alice Hoffman’s wonderful supernatural books. Kidman plays Sandra Bullock’s sister. While Bullock is the serious sister who wants to be normal, Kidman’s Gilly is wild. She runs away from her looked down upon witch family and small town to experience life and love. When her man becomes overly obsessed with her she has to figure out how to get out of the situation with help from Bullock.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

“So, because I’m a beautiful woman, the only reason any man wants to talk to me is because he wants to fuck me? Is that what you’re saying? “

“Stanley Kubrick taught me to believe in myself artistically. I spent my 20s raising my children, and wanting to, and being married. That was my driving force. And then he said to me, “No, you have to respect your talent, and give it some space, and give it some time. Which was a lovely thing to be given. And my children were a little older then.”Nicole Kidman

In Eyes Wide Shut Kidman played against then husband Tom Cruise as Alice. Alice is the housewife to Cruise’s much admired by the ladies, doctor. After a party that makes Cruise look pretty slutty Alice really gets into his psyche by telling him about how women can be just as sexually motivated as men.

Moulin Rouge (2001)

“What’s his type? Wilting flower? Bright and bubbly? Or smoldering temptress?”

Moulin Rouge is the first film that really made me go, WOW, she can act! Kidman is Satine, the star of the Moulin Rouge. She sings, dances and romances her way in front of and behind the stage. She wants to be considered more than a sexy burlesque star, she wants to be a “real actress”. Satine’s plans are thrown by her forbidden love of the new writer in town, Christian, as played by Ewan McGregor.

Birthday Girl (2001)

“If you just wanted sex, go to a prostitute.”

Birthday Girl is the type of movie that you may have missed if you aren’t a pervert like me. It had a limited release and then went quickly to video. I obviously had to buy a screener copy off of eBay to see it before the general public (this was before DVD and during dial up y’all). Why was I so intent on seeing it? It’s an erotic thriller starring Kidman and Ben Chaplin (who I had a thing for at that time). Chaplin plays a lonely guy who buys a bride. She shows up to him seemingly unable to speak but happy to please him in bed. Of course, it’s not really that simple.

Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006)

“Me? Oh no, I’m not the photographer. My husband is.”

Fur is a difficult movie to watch. I’m sort of surprised that I’ve been able to turn so many people onto it over the years. Though I’m not familiar with the work of photographer Diane Arbus, who this is loosely based on, as soon as I saw an ad for it I knew it would be amazing. Kidman plays Arbus, who is somewhat bored with helping her photographer husband. She becomes quite taken with an unusual neighbor (played by Robert Downey Jr.) and then spreads her wings as a photographer of unusual subjects.

Nicole Kidman’s official YouTube channel
Nicole Kidman films on Netflix,-I suggest starting with Margot at the Wedding, which I almost included in this list.
Nicole Kidman hosting Saturday Night Live on Hulu Plus
Kidman in The Human Stain on Hulu

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Christina Aguilera’s new album Lotus has now been released. I’m a huge Xtina fan. Plus I absolutely love both the song and the video for her first single from the album, Your Body. So it’s safe to say that I was eagerly awaiting this album.

The Deluxe Version of Lotus includes 17 tracks. They are as follows:

Lotus Intro
Army Of Me
Red Hot Kinda Love
Make The World Move
Your Body
Let There Be Love
Sing For Me
Blank Page
Cease Fire
Around The World
Best Of Me
Just A Fool
Light Up The Sky
Empty Words
Shut Up
Your Body (Martin Garrix Remix)

All in all I definitely dig the album. However it’s not my favorite Aguilera album. That honor still goes to Bionic. I found Bionic to be fun, fast and catchy. I had it on nonstop the summer before last. I’m pretty sure that I know every word to the album. For me Lotus is more in the Back to Basics or Stripped category. That is to say that the album is cohesive. You can listen to it all the way through and I don’t abhor any of the tracks or anything. However I don’t absolutely love every one either.

After listening to the album at least a half dozen times I still have to say that Your Body is my favorite track. It’s so sexy and catchy. It’s about sex for sex’s sake. It’s not about love, it’s just about getting down. Let’s just say that not long ago I had it on repeat for about 40 minutes while having some “fun”. Army Of Me (“One of me is stronger!”) and Red Hot Kinda Love (“I must be crazy cuz I only just met you baby”) are my other top, fast picks from the album. Army Of Me is definitely reminiscent of her earlier song Stronger, it makes you feel empowered. Red Hot Kinda Love is just fun. Let There Be Love and Shut Up also have some sexy lyrics that I totally dig, (“hit the right spot, making my eyes roll back”, “you can suck my ugh”).

I’m sure that DJs will even be remixing some of the songs that most likely won’t be released as singles. In addition to Let There Be Love, Around The World and Circles have a great dance beat to them. Plus the last track on the album is even a dance remix of Your Body.

About halfway through the album it takes a turn toward the melancholy. This is understandable due to Christina’s divorce. Sing For Me is very sweet and I can totally relate to it. Best Of Me (“Are you happy to know I’m unhappy alone?”) is another really good slow tune.

So even though this isn’t my favorite Aguilera album it’s still a must buy. I think that it’s great that she has expressed herself both sexually and sadly. I think that it’s pretty common for women to want to go out and party to deal with a break up. However she still acknowledges that it hurts, which is brave.

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Hopefully you have already voted today in the presidential election (ahem, for Obama), or at least you are planning to do so at some point before the polls close.

I’m a big fan of the horror comedy Zombie Strippers. When I first heard of it years ago I knew that I’d dig it. Recently I saw that it was on so I totally had to introduce my man to it. What had I forgotten? The opening. What’s the big deal about it? Well the film was released in 2008 prior to the last presidential election. So it’s pretty freaking neat that they set up the film with the following.

This clip shows a worst case scenario of what may have happened if Bush were still in office. Public nudity is outlawed and more and more wars are set in motion.

What do you get? That’s right, a zombie outbreak that causes an infected soldier to end up in an illegal strip club.

It’s so much fun. You get Jenna Jameson (former porn star and stripper, who ironically renounced all of that and then made this movie anyway) as the star stripper of the club. She also thinks that she’s a very deep intellectual because she reads.

The owner of the club is none other than Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund. Except in this film he’s a smarmy and money hungry (“face dance”, anyone?), yet germ phobic. Add a fresh from the farm, virgin stripper and a house mom with a dubious accent and the cast starts to round out pretty well.

What’s really awesome about this movie is that it feels almost as if it were made for women. When it comes down to it, it seems to be about the unfortunate need that women seem to have to compete with each other above all else.

The fact that the customers tip even more to the zombie strippers than the regular ones is both hilarious and seems to be a sign of the way that our country is so into everything over the top.

So while we await the election results tonight let’s enjoy this fun flick.

You can watch Zombie Strippers for free on online or over your streaming device, I use a Roku.

The cast of Zombie Strippers online
Robert Englund twitter
Penny Drake twitter

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